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Historic Preservation




Lisa Roach, 505-955-6577, [bot protected email address]

Daniel Schwab, 505-955-6660, [bot protected email address]

Lani McCulley, 505-955-6605, [bot protected email address]

Angela Bordegaray, 505-955-6127, [bot protected email address]


The City of Santa Fe will be closing at noon on Fridays through September, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


Updated July 2, 2020


Will now be located at: 

(Land Use has determined the need for the second youtube channel due to the number of public hearings on the primary City of Santa Fe channel. All future HDRB and ARC virtual hearings will be located on this second channel.)

Historic Districts Review Board

  • New HDRB submittals: For the August 11th hearing, applicants should email all application materials digitally by July 15th at 11am to Lani McCulley at [bot protected email address] and copy their respective case planner. Staff will create posters and have them available for pickup by appointment for posting no later than Monday, July 20th. Staff will have applicants drop off paper copies of their entire application and full-scale drawings and any other items when they pick up posters. This will be done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
  • Payments: Applicants will be asked to pay application fees by phone or mail in a check. There will be no in-person cashiering services available. Additional information will be provided upon receipt of the emailed application materials.
  • Click here for instructions for virtual hearing attendance.

Archeological Review Committee

  • The next hearing of the ARC will take place via Zoom webinar on July 9th at 3:30pm.
  • The next deadline for submittal will be July 21st for the August 6th hearing. Please email all documents by the deadline to [bot protected email address] and [bot protected email address]
  • Click here for instructions for virtual hearing attendance.

Additional information will be posted on this website to access the live broadcast of the hearings and to submit public comments. Thank you for your patience as we work hard to provide the best possible service under these challenging conditions.


Please take note of the following measures that are being implemented in response to COVID-19:
(subject to change as conditions evolve)

In order to continue to serve the public during this time, the Historic Preservation Division requests the following:

  • We appreciate your patience during this time. Most staff are working on a telecommuting schedule and rotating in to work at City Hall periodically to maintain dispersal. If you do not reach someone right away, staff will get back to you as soon as possible. 
  • For general questions about Historic Preservation Division operations and HDRB or ARC hearing schedules, please email Lisa Roach at [bot protected email address]. As information becomes available, we will post it on this website.
  • If you have questions regarding a property in one of the historic districts, please contact Lani McCulley at [bot protected email address]
  • If you have questions regarding archaeological review, please email Lisa Roach at [bot protected email address].
  • In-person pre-application meetings / site visits are cancelled until further notice. If you would like to request a pre-application meeting via phone, please email a Pre-Application (Inquiry) Form to Lisa Roach at [bot protected email address]. You will then be assigned a case planner, who will be in touch regarding scheduling time to meet via phone.
  • If you have a pending case and have already been assigned a case planner, please contact him/her directly via email or phone. (If your case planner was Carlos Gemora, all of his cases have now been assigned to Daniel Schwab.) 
  • If you would like to request administrative approval for general maintenance and repair, please email your request letter and digital documentation (drawings, photos, etc.) to Lani McCulley at [bot protected email address].
  • If you need to request an amendment to a previous administrative or HDRB approval, please email your request letter and digital documentation (drawings, photos, etc.) directly to your case planner. If you are unsure who this is, please email your request and documents to Lisa Roach at [bot protected email address].
  • If you need a Historic Preservation inspection, please schedule as usual via 505-955-6110.

Lisa Roach
Division Manager
[bot protected email address]

Daniel Schwab
Senior Planner
[bot protected email address] 

Angela Bordegaray
Senior Planner

[bot protected email address] 

Lani McCulley
[bot protected email address] 


All work on the exterior of a property that is located in any of the five historic districts within the city of santa fe is required to have approval from the Historic preservation division before work can begin.


To begin the process with Historic Preservation please fill in our Pre-application Form



2020 Historic Districts Review Board Hearing Schedule

2020 Archaeological Review Committee Schedule

Historic Districts Review Board application checklist

Archaeological Application Form

Administrative Approval Application Packet


Santa Fe Historic and Archaeological Districts

The Santa Fe Downtown and Eastside Historic District was established in 1957 and the Historic Districts Review Board was formed. The remaining four districts; Westside-Guadalupe Historic District, Don Gaspar Area Historic District, Historic Review Historic District, and Historic Transition Historic District, were all established in 1983. The H-Board or HDRB exists to protect the values of property associated with history and unique architectural details within the Historic Districts.

While archaeologists have been investigating Santa Fe for over 100 years, the Archaeological Districts were formally established in 1987. The ordinance is administered by a five-member Archaeological Review Committee which reviews reports by archaeologists who work to provide clearance permits for construction in Santa Fe’s three Archaeological Districts: Historic Downtown Archaeological Review District, River and Trails Archaeological Review District, and Suburban Archaeological Review District.


The Review Process

Approval from the Historic Preservation Division is required for all exterior changes, ground disturbances, new construction, demolition, etc. within the Historic District and Archaeological District boundaries. The process begins with a pre-application form submittal. For minor items, such as existing item repairs, color change, and the like, preservation staff can issue an Administrative Approval; more complex items require full Historic Districts Review Board action. Approval for ground disturbance is issued through the Archaeological Review Committee (ARC).


Historic District Boundaries

Historic Districts Boundaries Map


Application Submission Procedures

All exterior architectural and hardscape changes within the Santa Fe Historic Districts require an approval either via staff or the Historic Districts Review Board. Staff requires an on-site visit before applications will be accepted. In order to get an on-site visit please fill in a pre-application form either from the above link or in the office. At the on-site visit, the staff member will disclose what information is necessary and whether the application will be able to be approved by staff or will require HDRB action.

Applications must be complete before the Staff can begin the review process. Submit the application form, all supplemental documentation as required in the Historic Districts Review Board application checklist  in hard copy to the Historic Preservation Division in City Hall.


For the Preliminary Zoning Review Worksheet, you will need to meet with the Current Planning Division to have the document signed.  You may schedule an appointment at 955-6947. Current Planning staff will not sign Preliminary Zoning Review Worksheets during their walk-in hours. 


Submit paper applications to the Historic Preservation Division at Santa Fe City Hall, 200 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87504. A digital copy is required for all submittal documents as well. These may be emailed to the office staff or please submit a cd with the items in pdf format only. Items requiring Historic Districts Review Board Review must be complete and received by 11am on the deadline date in order to be placed on the Historic Districts Review Board agenda. There are no exceptions.

For work which requires review from the ARC please contact an archaeologist from the list of City of Santa Fe Approved List of Archaeologists and Historians 2020. The archaeologist will be the point of contact with HPD Staff. If you are unsure if the project requires ARC clearance, please contact the Historic Preservation Division Archaeological Liaison at 505-955-6577. In order to assist you, the liaison will need the address and scope of work you are planning. You may also review the Land Development Code Article 14-3.13.


Scope of Work Procedures

STAFF REVIEW: Staff level review includes: color changes, roof repair, awnings, stucco repair, fences under 4’ high, pavement, hardscaping, and mechanical equipment. Please submit documents  listed on the Administrative Application Packet for any proposed work. These documents should be recieved both digitally and in paper format at this time.

BOARD REVIEW: Board level review includes: rehabilitation, alterations, additions, new construction, windows, fences over 4’ high, demolition, and building relocation. Once the site-visit is completed, please submit both paper and digital requests prior to the deadline for the desired hearing. Please see the above or below schedule for deadline dates.


Application Review Time

STAFF REVIEW: Review and Administrative Approval issuance may take up to ten (10) working days upon receipt of the completed application form, supplemental documentation, and filing fee.

BOARD REVIEW: Upon receipt of the completed application form, supplemental documentation, and filing fee on the application deadline date approval will take sixty (60) to ninety (90) days.


Meeting Schedule

The Historic Districts Review Board meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month (except December where the second Tuesday is the only Hearing) at 5:30 pm in the City Council Chambers at 200 Lincoln Avenue (except where otherwise noted to accomodate availability) . The meeting is open and the public is welcome to attend and comment. Please view the 2020 Historic Districts Review Board Hearing Schedule


The Archaeological Review Committee meets on the first Thursday (except when otherwise noted to accomodate holidays) of each month at 4:30 pm in the City Hall Land Use Department Conference Room at 200 Lincoln Avenue. Please view the 2020 Archaeological Review Committee Schedule


Building Permit

A Building Permit is required in addition to the Historic Preservation Division’s approval. Contact the City’s Building Permit Division at 200 Lincoln Avenue to determine if a building permit is required. HPD reviews all permits issued in the Historic Districts and all permits that meet threshold requirements within the Archaeological Review Districts.

A Historic Preservation Division approval is not an exemption from meeting City infrastructure requirements. Contact the City’s Building Permit Division at 200 Lincoln Avenue for further information regarding infrastructure requirements.


Policies and Interpretations

City of Santa Fe Land Development Code


                    Article 14-2.6:  HISTORIC DISTRICTS REVIEW BOARD

                              (A)       Designation

                              (B)       Delegation

                              (C)       Powers and Duties

                              (D)       Membership and Procedures

                    Article 14-2.7:  ARCHAEOLOGICAL REVIEW COMMITTEE

                              (A)       Designation

                              (B)       Delegation

                              (C)       Powers and Duties

                              (D)       Membership and Procedures

                              (E)       Qualifications for ARC Members; Qualifications for Archaeologists, Historical Archaeologists and Historians


                    Article 14-3.13:  ARCHAEOLOGICAL CLEARANCE PERMITS

                              (A)       Purpose and Intent

                              (B)       Applicability

                              (C)       Procedures

                              (D)       Other General Provisions

                              (E)       Approval Criteria / Archaeological Significance

                     Article 14-3.14: DEMOLITION OF HISTORIC OR LANDMARK STRUCTURE

                              (A)       Summary of Procedure

                              (B)       Hearing Required

                              (C)       Staff Review and Report

                              (D)       Referral to Archaeological Review Committee

                              (E)       Appeals

                              (F)       Denial of Demolition Request

                              (G)       Standards

                    Article 14-3.15: MINOR MODIFICATIONS

          Article 14-5: OVERLAY ZONING DISTRICTS

                    Article 14-5.2    HISTORIC DISTRICTS

                               (A)          General Provisions

                               (B)          Minimum Maintenance Requirements

                               (C)         Regulation of Significant and Contributing Structures in the Historic Districts

                               (D)         General Design Standards for All H Districts

                               (E)          Downtown and Eastside Design Standards

                               (F)          Historic Review District

                               (G)         Historic Transition District

                               (H)         Don Gaspar Area Historic District

                               (I)           Westside-Guadalupe Historic District

                               (J)          Creation of Historic Districts

                               (K)          Historic Compounds

                               (L)          Landmarks

                               (M)         State Capital Outlay Projects

                               (N)         County and Santa Fe Public Schools Capital Outlay Projects

                    Article 14-5.3    ARCHEOLOGICAL REVIEW DISTRICTS

                               (A)          Purpose

                               (B)          Application to State and Its Agencies, Political Subdivisions or Instrumentalities

                               (C)         Establishment of Districts; Boundaries

                               (D)         Archaeological Clearance Permit Required


For more information please contact the [bot protected email address] at or 505-955-6661.






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