The City of Santa Fe Historic Preservation Division (HPD) exists to assist community members living in the one of the City’s five historic districts with modifications to their properties. The HPD staff administers the City’s ordinances for the historic districts and the archaeological review districts. For more information about the HPD processes, see Historic Preservation Division Procedures.

Agendas for the HDRB and the ARC can be found on PrimeGov using the following link:


Currently the HDRB and the ARC are being held via Zoom. The public can participate and make public comment using the instructions provided on the HDRB or ARC agendas found on PrimeGov.

The HDRB and ARC virtual hearings can be viewed on the City’s Youtube channel using the following link:





2022 Heritage Preservation Awards -

The 2022 Heritage Preservation Awards are approaching!  

The awards ceremony will be held on May 19th, 2022 at the San Miguel Chapel on 401 Old Santa Fe Trail.  Reception will follow at HSFF's El Zaguan on 545 Canyon Rd.


HPD Senior Planner Position is posted! 

Please go to this link and see the Senior Planner posting for Historic Preservation to apply:

Employment opportunities (



Life-safety issues are considered as emergencies.  These may include an actively leaking roof or a sewer or utility line break that impacts another structure or requires ground disturbance.   In the case of an emergency or the discovery of a potential burial site, please contact our office at and

Life-safety issues are considered emergencies where administrative approval may be granted.

Historic Districts: General Information

GIS map

  • For Historic Districts, navigate to the layers and turn on 'Historic Districts' and 'Historic Buildings Status' layers.


  • Regulation of Historic Status: See Section 14-5.2(C)
  • General Design Standards: See Section 14-5.2(D)
  • Downtown and Eastside: See Section 14-5.2(E)
  • Historic Review District: See Section 14-5.2(F)
  • Historic Transition District: See Section 14-5.2(G)
  • Don Gaspar Area: See Section 14-5.2(H)
  • Westside-Guadalupe: See Section 14-5.2(I)

14-8.10 SIGNS

  • For signs in the Historic Districts, see 14-8.10(H). 
  • All signs in the Historic Districts must comply with 14-8.10.
  • Signs are reviewed by the HDRB when they do not comply with the zoning code.



Archaeological Review Districts: General Information

GIS map

  • For Archaeological Review Districts, navigate to the layers and turn on 'Archaeological Reivew Districts' layer.