The mission of the Planning and Land Use Department is to address the land use needs of our citizens by providing enforcement, information, participation and assistance related to the City's Land Development Code and Land Use Department policies while providing the highest possible levels of customer service.


Building Permits


Building Division is currently accepting appointments for in-person intake review and submittal of building permit applications.  A link is now available on the Building Permits webpage to schedule in-person appointments to apply for permit types previously accepted by email, and to schedule meetings with Building Division Staff as needed.  Submittal of building permit applications by email is currently discontinued except for use under special circumstances and as pre-arraigned with the Building Division Manager.  All in-person appointments for other Land Use activities not under the purview of Building Division should be scheduled directly with the appropriate Land Use Staff by email.

"Walk-ins" are currently still conducted virtually

“Virtual” walk-ins (Phone, Email, WebEx) will be available during usual walk-in hours.

Schedule Mon: 1-5pm, Wed: 1-5, Fri: 8-12pm

For Zoning walk-in questions for the Current Planning Division please contact:

For other Current Planning activities, please contact Maggie Moore at

For Historic Preservation "walk-in" questions please contact Historic Preservation Division:

If a “virtual walk-in” question cannot be answered over the phone, staff will schedule a follow up meeting within three business days of the original call. The web chat is useful for viewing documents and does not require the use of webcam. A link to the meeting will be sent to the customer via email.


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Closed from M-F 12pm-1pm, Saturday, Sunday & most Federal holidays

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Jason M. Kluck, Planning & Land Use Director: 

Heather Lamboy, Assistant Land Use Director, Planning Branch (Planning, Historic Preservation, MPO):

Thomas Graham, Assistant Land Use Director, Development Branch (Building, Engineering, Inspections & Enforcement):

Bobby Padilla, Inspections & Enforcement Division Manager, CBO:

Richard Trujillo, Building Division Manager:

Dee Beingessner, CIty Engineer, Engineering Division Manager:

Maggie Moore, Planning Division Manager: 

Carly Piccarello, Historic Preservation Division Manager:

Erick Aune, Metropolitan Planning Organization: