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Current Planning

 **Current notices**

please send all inquiries via email to:


General and Zoning inquiries & Permitted Uses

Please visit our new webpage for some of these questions at 

For additional information you can email

Lani McCulley, Planner
[bot protected email address]


Lot Line Adjustments, Lot Consolidations, Lot Splits, and Signs

Daniel Alvarado, Planner Senior
[bot protected email address]


Zoning Verification Letters:

Zoning verification letters cost $75 per letter/address. Payment must be received prior to issuance of the letter. 

Please provide a written request which includes the property address, property use, company name, contact person and information in addition to the reason for the request.  For Cannabis businesses please include the Cannabis Zoning Verification Application.

Lani McCulley, Planner
[bot protected email address]


Preliminary Zoning Review (PZR) Requests

Please submit a summary of your proposed work, all drawings, and a copy of your legal lot of record.

Please allow 5 to 10 business days for the review.

Maggie Moore, Planning Manager
[bot protected email address]


To Set up an Early Neighborhood Notification Meeting or a Pre-Application Meeting

Geraldine Gurule, Project Administrator
[bot protected email address]


For Inquires regarding Telecommunications Facilities or Subdivisions

Daniel Esquibel, Senior Planner
[bot protected email address]


For all other inquires please contact Lani McCulley at [bot protected email address]



The mission of the Current Planning Division is to review development applications for compliance with the City's land development code and land use department policies while providing information, guidance, and the highest possible level of customer service to applicants, neighborhoods, and the City's quasi-judicial decision-making bodies.

Commissions & Boards

Certain types of development projects require review by Land Use commissions and boards at public hearings.  The requirements for which types of projects require public hearings are established by the City's Land Development Code.  In addition to processing development applications that are reviewed administratively, the Current Planning Division manages development cases required to be reviewed by the quasi-judicial bodies listed below.

Planning Commission

2021 Planning Commission Schedule

2022 Planning Commission Schedule


Board of Adjustment

2021 Board of Adjustment Schedule

2022 Board of Adjustment Schedule


 For information about a specific development case scheduled for a public hearing before one of the bodies listed above or for information about how to file an application for a development project, contact Geraldine Gurule at [bot protected email address].




Please send email to the persons listed above. Please include the address and what types of information you are looking for. If you are unsure who to ask please email Lani McCulley at [bot protected email address]



Maggie Moore, Planning Manager - [bot protected email address] 

Daniel Esquibel, Senior Planner - [bot protected email address]

Daniel Alvarado, Senior Planner - [bot protected email address]

Alex Hayter, Senior Planner - [bot protected email address] 

Lani McCulley, Planner - [bot protected email address] 


Current Planning Division - Location, phone and hours                 

Physical Location: Santa Fe City Hall, 200 Lincoln Ave., 1st Floor, Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501

Mailing Address: City of Santa Fe, Current Planning Division, P. O. Box 909, Santa Fe, NM  87504-0909

Phone: (505) 955-6820  Fax: (505) 955-6829  Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed Noon to 1 p.m.)




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