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Land Use


March 15, 2021

Please renew your Short-Term Rental Permit and business License for 2021 before the 5:00pm April 15th Deadline!

If you are having  issues submitting your STR Renewal Application using the online CSS portal, please contact our office via email at [bot protected email address] so we have a timestamped record of your attempt to renew prior to the deadline.  Phone calls to the STR office will not be accepted for documentation purposes.

If you do not apply for renewal by 5:00pm, April 15th your permit will expire and will no longer be valid.

If your permit expires and you re-apply, your application will be subject to several new provisions of the recently updated STR Ordinance (Ord. 2020-35). Among other changes, the revised ordinance states newly issued permits shall be limited to one per natural person, and that the City will not issue a new permit for a short-term rental unit if the subject property is located within a fifty (50)-foot radius of a residentially zoned property that has a permitted short-term rental unit.

The STR Office offers online submittal of both new applications or renewals. 

The CSS portal will be available for the 2021 STR renewals.

Follow this link to access CSS  to create an account and process a new or renewed STR permit:

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox when accessing the CSS website. The CSS site does not support the Safari browser

Please see the document below for detailed instructions for renewing existing STR permits via CSS.

CSS Registration and Renewal Instructions

If you have questions regarding CSS portal please contact  [bot protected email address], or call 505-955-6712



April 1, 2020

Please visit the Inspections & Enforcment Page at for current announcments regarding Inspections.

March 30, 2020

Please visit the Building Permits Page at for current announcments regarding Permitting.

March 24, 2020

Operations Update from Land Use:

Building Division Status

The permitting lobby will be closed from 3/24-3/27 due to restrictions implemented by the NM Department of Health and direction from City administration. No new permits, amendments or revisions will be accepted or issued during this period. This notice will be updated as the current restrictions for public health are modified.

In the event of a required emergency inspection without permit, please contact Bobby Padilla at [bot protected email address] or at (505)660-6047.

Pending further notice, Land Use plans to implement limited emergency walk-in permitting and/or online permitting of certain types starting March 30th.   Land Use will also plan to begin allowing intake of permits for new construction by appointment starting on or around April 6th.

Inspections Division Status

All regular inspections are currently being scheduled and conducted until further notice.

For business license certificates of compliance requests or status inquiries, please call Bobby Padilla at [bot protected email address] or at (505)660-6047.

March 17, 2020

Land Use Encourages Social Distancing, Moves to Virtual Walk-In Services

In response to the Governor’s COVID-19 advisory, the City of Santa Fe will limit new construction permitting to a restricted list of permit types and support projects currently in the permitting and construction pipeline. For general questions, please email or call staff rather than visiting City Hall in person. Staff will be prepared to respond promptly to electronic inquiries from the public.

Starting today, Land Use will only be issuing the following permit types. Staff will continue to process and issue permit applications that are currently under review.

  • Secondary permits (e.g., electrical, plumbing, mechanical).
  • Re-roofing and roof repair permits.  We urge residents to only apply for these permits in urgent or emergency situations.
  • Grading & Drainage and Landscape & Utility permits for commercial development only. This will allow new commercial projects to a begin working on horizontal grading and infrastructure.

We’ve also added some stanchions to the Land Use Lobby to help reinforce the CDC’s recommended physical separation, and to discourage unnecessary physical contact through handshakes or other displays of greeting.

Construction Inspections

Inspections will continue as usual until further notice. Inspections can be scheduled by calling our IVR system at 505-955-6110.

Building Permits, Inspections, and Terrain Management Contacts

Building Permitting:  Richard Trujillo, Building Division Manager, [bot protected email address] or (505)955-6133

Inspections and Enforcement:  Bobby Padilla, Inspections and Enforcement Division Manager, CBO,  [bot protected email address]  or (505)955-6503

Terrain Management and Engineering: Dee Beingessner, City Engineer, Engineering Division Manager, [bot protected email address] or (505)955-6641

Jason Kluck, Assistant Land Use Director, Development Branch,  [bot protected email address] or 505-955-6729.

Walk-ins are now going virtual

“Virtual” walk-ins (Phone, Email, WebEx) will be available during usual walk-in hours.

Schedule Mon: 1-5pm, Wed: 1-5, Fri: 8-12pm

For zoning walk-in questions please contact Current Planning Division:

  • Mondays: Donna Wynant (505-955-6325) and Lani McCulley (505-955-6124)
  • Wednesdays: Lee Logston (505-955-6136) 
  • Fridays: Dan Esquibel (505-955-6587) and John Neunuebel (505-955-6656)

For other Current Planning issues please call Noah Berke at 505-955-6647.

For historic preservation "walk-in" questions please contact Historic Preservation Division:

  • Marisa Sargent (505-955-6661)
  • Daniel Schwab (505-955-6660)
  • Angela Bordegaray (505-955-6127)

If a “virtual walk-in” question cannot be answered over the phone, staff will schedule a follow up meeting within three business days of the original call. The web chat is useful for viewing documents and does not require the use of webcam. A link to the meeting will be sent to the customer via email.

For questions regarding Historic Preservation, Short Term Rentals, and Code Enforcement, please contact Eli Isaacson at [bot protected email address] or 505-955-6730.


The mission of the Land Use Department is to address the land use needs of our citizens by providing enforcement, information, participation and assistance related to the City's Land Development Code and Land Use Department policies while providing the highest possible levels of customer service.


We want to help you get answers to any questions you may have. If you need assistance, please see the Land Use staff contact information below to find the right person for your needs.


Planning and Land Use Director  
[bot protected email address] (505) 955-6730 

Assistant Director, Development Branch
[bot protected email address] (505) 955-6729 

Inspections & Enforcement Division Manager, CBO
[bot protected email address] (505) 955-6503

Building Division Manager
[bot protected email address] (505) 955-6133

CIty Engineer, Engineering Division Manager
[bot protected email address] (505) 955-6641

Planning Manager
[bot protected email address] (505) 955-6647

Historic Preservation Division Manager
Vacant position please contact [bot protected email address] (505) 955-6730 

Metropolitan Planning Organization
[bot protected email address] (505) 955-6664



Santa Fe City Hall
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Closed Saturday, Sunday & most Federal holidays



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