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Mobile Integrated Health


Mobile Integrated Health-Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP)


The City of Santa Fe Fire Department (SFFD) is committed to assuring that our community has a robust public safety system which protects life safety through emergency response and prevention.

Although a call to 911 used to mean lights, sirens and a transport to the emergency room, progressive providers of emergency medical services (EMS) throughout the United States are exploring emerging opportunities to assure that the 911 system helps to:

  1. Improve the health of the community and individuals;
  2. Achieves higher customer and provider satisfaction; and
  3. Reduces overall system costs.

As the volume of 911 calls has grown over the past few decades and the types of complaints handled through the 911 system have changed, it has become apparent that simply scaling existing models cannot meet today’s public safety needs.

Forward-thinking providers of EMS are reimagining their roles in public health, public safety and healthcare. Opportunities are being explored in the following areas:

  • Public outreach efforts (example: outreach to school-aged children about how to stay safe and healthy);
  • Improved 911 center operations (example: embedded nurses providing a higher level of triage at the 911 call center);
  • Innovative response teams (example: special teams and training to address behavioral health crises, non-time sensitive medical complaints, etc.);
  • Innovative response models (examples: lighter, more efficient vehicles, non-emergency response to non-time sensitive complaints);
  • Improved triage capability on 911 calls (example: paramedics teaming up with doctors to triage patients via telemedicine and navigation to appropriate resources);
  • Follow-up care (examples: follow-up for seniors who have fallen, follow-up to overdose survivors, post-discharge follow-up, etc.)

The City of Santa Fe and SFFD is proud to operate several MIH-CP programs under its Mobile Integrated Health Office (MIHO). MIHO is staffed by one full-time EMT, three full-time Paramedics, one full-time Social Worker (LMSW), one part-time pharmacist, one part-time physician, and a small team of paramedics who are still assigned to their regular duties but who have additional training and assist with program operations.

The CONNECT program identifies individuals with a concerning rate of 911 utilization and then provides intensive case management to achieve client goals and improve health.

Santa Fe Opiate Outreach Services (SFOOO) follows-up with opiate overdose survivors and those at risk for opiate overdose to offer overdose prevention, recognition and response training, harm reduction training, naloxone distribution and short-term case management and navigation to recovery, support and treatment services.

The FF REFERRALS program allows any of our FF/EMTs to refer individuals they encounter on 911 events who may have unmet needs. Common reasons for referrals are individuals with mobility issues, seniors who have fallen, individuals who may benefit from additional home health hours, individuals wanting to be connected to hospice and much, much more.

The City of Santa Fe Fire Department is excitied to take over the City's LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisisted Diversion) program in 2019.  LEAD uses protocols to divert individulas to a community-based, harm-reduction intervention for law violations (low-level & non-violent crime) driven by unmet behavioral health needs.  In lieu of the normal criminal justice system cycle (booking, detention, prosecution, conviction, incarceration) individuals are instead referred into a trauma-informed intensive case-management program where they recieve a wide range of support services.

The Advanced Life Support SUV (ALS SUV) program is in the proof of concept phase. By staffing an SUV during peak call volume hours with paramedics who have MIH-CP training/experience as well as their traditional 911 training/experience, we are exploring the possibilities of more efficient and effective models of providing clinically appropriate and customer-focused 911 services.

For more information, please contact the Mobile Integrated Health Office at (505) 955-3604.




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