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Q: How do I start new service?

A: Tenants: You need to come in person to 801 W. San Mateo Rd. and bring:

  • A lease that states a lease term of 6 months or longer
  • A photo ID of yourself
  • The Release of Liability Form signed by the Landlord/Property Manager which can be found under forms

We will either collect a deposit or require that you provide a current letter from another Utility company that states you have an excellent payment history for 1 year in order to establish the account.

New Owners: We need a copy of the Warranty Deed or the Settlement Statement that you receive from your title company on the day of closing. You are welcome to either email it to us at [bot protected email address] or bring it in person to us at 801 W. San Mateo Rd.


Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit to set up new services? 

A: A deposit is required to establish a City of Santa Fe account as a tenant.  The deposit is calculated by going back one year from the lease date on the previous account and multiplying that amount by 1.5. Your deposit will be credited to your final bill when your account is closed. Any remaining deposit will be refunded to you from the Finance Department. * If you can provide a current letter from another Utility company that states you have an excellent payment history for 1 year, we may waive the deposit *


Q: If we had services in the past, why are we required to pay another deposit?

A: A new deposit is required with each new lease agreement from a new landlord.


Q: How do I set up Direct Debit?

A: Click on the link Direct Debit Form, fill it out and attached a VOIDED check or deposit slip. You may either submit the completed form on-line or:

  • Via mail sent to City of Santa Fe Water Division, PO BOX 5439, Santa Fe, NM 87502
  • In person at 801 W. San Mateo Rd at the cashier’s window.

B: You can also go to to set up automatic payment with a Credit Card.


Q: Why doesn't the City of Santa Fe Water Division notify the customer when we have a water leak?

A: The City of Santa Fe is not able to notify every account of a possible leak. However, we now have an App called Eye on Water that you can download for free. Eye on Water provides you more control of your water usage by allowing you to monitoring your water usage on your phone, tablet, or computer.


Q: How do I pay my bill? 

A: You can make your payment:

  • In person at 801 W. San Mateo at the cashier’s window.
  • In person at City Hall, 200 Lincoln Ave, ground floor in the cashiers’ office.
  • Call our free automated pay system at 505-955-6100.  You will need to have your account number ready.
  • Online at


Q: Why are there two rates for sewer? 

A: Sewer is billed with both a fixed charge and a variable charge. The variable charge is calculated using your average water use in December, January and February.


Q: How do I get a letter of credit?

A: You can request a letter of credit from the Collections Manager that you can provide to your new utility. You can pick up the letter at 801 W. San Mateo, or it can be mailed to you or faxed to you or your new utility.

Q: When is my City utility bill considered delinquent?

A: All charges are considered delinquent 15 calendar days following the “due” date on the customer’s utility bill. If the last day for payment falls on a Sunday, legal holiday, or any other days when the offices of the City regularly used for the payment of bills are not open, the payment date shall be extended through the next business day.

Q: When are finance charges assessed on my utility bill?

A: A finance charge of 1.5% per month shall be imposed on all delinquent accounts.

Q: Can a lien be placed on my property due to a delinquent utility bill?

A: The City may file a lien on such property for delinquent utility charges including any interest or penalties. The City will assess a fee for the placement of the lien.

Q: When can my water be disconnected for unpaid utilities?

A: The City may discontinue service to the property if any charges provided for herein remains unpaid for a period of 30 days from the ‘due’ date on the customer’s utility bill or if a customer fails to comply with the terms of a payment arrangement.

Q: Does the City of Santa Fe Utilities refer delinquent accounts to a Collection Agency?

A: Yes, the collection agency that delinquent accounts are referred to is Virtuoso Sourcing Group.



Q: When is a property required to connect to the City public sewer system?

A: Connection to the City of Santa Fe sanitary sewer system is mandatory when the property is in the City limits and is being developed or improved and is accessible to the City sanitary sewer system.  Accessible to the City sanitary sewer system means a property: (1) which abuts or is within two hundred feet (200’) of the City sewer system or is within two hundred feet (200’) of the boundaries of a public street or sanitary sewer utility easement which contains the City sanitary system; and (2) which may physically connect to the City sewer by means of either a gravity or pressure sewer line. Prior to making such a connection, owners and developers of such property shall obtain information from the Wastewater Division (955-4650) concerning specifications, procedures and requirements.

Q: What part of the sewer service line is coming from my house or property and connecting to the City sewer line am I responsible for when preventative or corrective maintenance of the sewer service line is required?

A: All work for the purposes of preventative or corrective maintenance of the sewer service line coming from house or property up to and including the connection to the City sewer line shall be the sole responsibility of the owner of the property receiving sewer service.  All preventative or corrective maintenance work on these service lines shall be performed by a licensed plumber and in accordance with the City ordinances including permits for excavation within the public right of way.

Q: How much does it cost to replace my sewer service line?

A: Contact licensed plumbers and request written price quotes. Make sure that the price includes all permit fee costs and all the other items to complete the work. It is suggested that the plumber actually conducts a site visit in order to give a comprehensive review of site specific requirements.

For example, a service line in a dirt road will cost less than in a paved street. There are many other factors that the plumber must consider in providing an accurate price quote. Get as many price quotes as possible. The homeowner is responsible for the sewer service line up to and including the connection to the public mainline. It is noted that the plumber is required to obtain a street cut permit from the City's Streets Division, if the work is being done in the City's right of way. The plumber is also required to obtain a secondary sewer permit from the City's Planning and Land Use Department.

Q: Who is responsible for storm drains?

A: Storm water Hotline (505) 955-2133 Michelle Gutierrez or David Pike (505) 955-2134

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Annual Report. Click here MS4 Annual Report 2012-2013

If you have any questions regarding your City of Santa Fe Utility account please contact a Customer Service Representative at 505-955-4333.




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