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Short-Term Rental Code Changes

On May 11, 2016 the Governing Body approved several code amendments to the Short-Term Rental ordinance.

Below is a summary of the major changes:

  1.  All rentals of less than 30 days must now register for either a short term rental permit (residential zoning) or registration permit (commercial, BCD, industrial, resort or other).
  2. Increased cap of residential permits from 350 to 1,000. This cap level will be evaluated by City Council in 18 months.  It can be adjusted through action of a resolution and public hearing.
  3. Eliminated the restriction of 17 rentals per year but kept the limitation of one rental every 7 days.
  4. Short-term rental permits will not be issued for more than two short-term rentals units directly adjoining each other on a residentially-zoned street.
  5. Clarified that a short-term rental permit is non-transferable. If a person who has a short term rental permit sells their property then the permit reverts back to the City of Santa Fe.  The buyer would need to apply for a new permit after taking ownership of the property.
  6. For renewals, applicants can submit self-compliance statement and other documents.
  7. In addition to notifying neighbors applicants shall notify homeowners or neighborhood associations.
  8. The one-time application processing and inspection fee was reduced from $150 to $100. Annual permit fees for residentially-zoned units and accessory units decreased from $350 to $325.  Registration permits for non-residential and resort units are now $100 where there was no cost previously.  Any short-term rental permits or registrations that are issued will automatically include a business license.
  9. Added a 30-day extension for permit renewal for a fee of an additional $50.
  10. The fees for enforcement have increased. If caught with non-permitted or registered rental you are given a fine of $500 for the first 14 days of the violation then $250 fine for each additional day of violation. If realtor is advertising illegal STR then they could lose their business license in the City. Liens can also be put on property if fines are not resolved.
  11. The applicants must now list where they advertise (i.e. VRBO, Airbnb) on their application.  Additionally, the permit or registration numbers must be listed in the advertisement.
  12. Short-term rental permits will not be issued when there are HOA or covenants prohibiting short-term rentals.
  13. Short-term rental uses must be for residential purposes only and do NOT include vents and large celebrations.
  14. Added short-term rental specific online application at, email of [bot protected email address], and phone number of (505) 955-HOME.
  15. The City is in the process of purchasing compliance software and hiring additional staff to enforce and run program.
  16. Details and efforts from this program will be reported back to Council in 18 months to show information and data on how changes have affected community and operations.

Please note this is only a brief summary of some of the major changes to the short-term rental ordinance for the City of Santa Fe.  To see the full city code §14-6.2(A) SFCC 1987 and / or to obtain more information please visit City of Santa Fe Short-Term Rentals






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