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Santa Fe Estates

Master Plan

The City of Santa Fe is excited to announce the approximately 250-acre property known as the Northern Portion of the Santa Fe Estates is for sale. This is the sale of the Northern Lands (hyperlink to the map that Lauren did with blue and red differentiation and cut in half) the City of Santa Fe has recieved. The Northwest Quadrant lands comprise approximately 250 acres of largely master-planned land in the vicinity of the Thornburg campus and the Bypass (State Road 599), south of Tano Road. More information about the land, and sale below.

History of site

The City of Santa Fe and John Dempsey entered into a contract in 1930 effective January 25, 1930 (the “1930 Agreement”), under which the City conveyed lands in the City’s Northwest Quadrant to Mr. Dempsey and he agreed to develop and sell those lands so that he and the City would share the net proceeds from those sales after payment of development costs.  

The basic structure of the 1930 Agreement is that Santa Fe Estates would clear title to the lands, and thereafter, develop the lands for sale to purchasers, including installations and extensions of utilities, platting and landscaping, and construction of roadways.  Proceeds from the sales were to be divided equally between the City and Santa Fe Estates, after deduction of development and sales costs previously incurred, and after deduction of any additional development costs incurred by Santa Fe Estates for future development.

in 2016 the Santa Fe Estates board of directors determined, due primarily to the factors noted above, that modifications to the 1930 Agreement would be in the best interest of Santa Fe Estates, and potentially more attractive to the City than the current terms of that agreement.  Following discussions between the parties, the City proposed that the 1930 Agreement be terminated altogether and the remaining lands subject to that agreement be conveyed back to the City.  

Read more about the site the history of the Santa Fe Estates property here. 


Master Plan 

Las Estrellas Master Plan (Full Plan)


View Abridged Master Plan here.


What are the parameters of a Master Plan? How does this affect Zonining? Uses? 


- Public Notice of Sale

- Receipt of proposals (month)

- Evaluation period

- Present to Governing Body and Commissions

- Sale Ordinance

- Land Sale Award

- Referendum period

- Closing


Sales Parameters 

- Broker information, Ruling (commission or not), 

-PDF what does a public notice of sale mean

Sales Information Packet

- Link to the appraisal (Lauren & Liz) 

- Downloadable Maps (Lauren Good Map and additional ones from Andrea)

- Master Plan

 - Las Estrellas Land Revised (appraisal)

- Las Estrellas Relands (apprasal)

- Phase I Enviromental Assesment (1 of 2)

- Phase I Enviromental Site Assessment (2 of 2)

- Phase

Features and Benefits 


Contact Information 

Rich Brown
Economic Development Director
(505) 955-6625 
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