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Solid Waste Rules and Regulations

Refuse Collection

The City of Santa Fe offers all types of residential and commercial refuse collection services within the City limits.  It is our goal to provide the residents and businesses of Santa Fe exceptional customer service and work every day to meet or exceed customer expectations.  Furthermore, we believe it is our obligation to promote resource conservation and will do our part to protect our environment.

We are obligated under Chapter XXI of the SF City Code (Click here for link) to provide an integrated solid waste management system for the City of Santa Fe.  This includes but is not limited to waste reduction and diversion, collection, transport and disposal. Such system and practices are designed and implemented to protect the environment, health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Santa Fe.

The City of Santa Fe provides refuse and recycling collection services for both residential and commercial customers. 

Pursuant to this Code, the City and its duly authorized agents or employees have the exclusive right within the service area to collect or gather solid waste, with the exception of nonresidential recyclables, dead animals, construction and demolition debris, hazardous wastes and other such materials which the City is prohibited by law from collecting or disposing. No person or organization may sell within the service area any services for the systematic and routine collection, transportation or disposal of garbage, trash or refuse except for nonresidential recyclables, dead animals, construction and demolition debris, hazardous wastes and other such materials which the City is prohibited by law from collecting or disposing.

The City and its duly authorized agents shall have the exclusive right to collect or gather residential curbside recyclables.

The City reserves the right at any time to refuse to collect or receive waste, if, in the judgment of the City, such collection is deemed to be harmful, hazardous or in violation of City or state regulations governing type of waste, weight or waste constituents. The City shall inform the person responsible for such waste and shall require compliance with the City Code.

All expenses for the collection, diversion, transport and disposal of refuse, waste diversion and recycling collection are derived from fees for services. All refuse services provided by the City are subject to the Refuse and Recycling Rate and Fee Schedule established by the City (link).

Curbside Residential Service

Residential service is provided weekly at curbside with City-provided refuse containers and through an automated side load collection unit.  Exceptions may be made where the City's solid waste division determines that physical conditions of the site limit curbside collection. In these cases, the location and type of service will be determined by the City.

Missed service, compliments or complaints please call (505) 955-2200 or use our electronic reporting system by clicking here.  This is the main number to the administrative offices and is better than calling supervisors directly as they are often out in the field. 

Low Income eligibility for reduced rates

 Policy 13 - Low Income Credit Policy - Application

Conditions of Service and helpful tips for a cleaner home and community:

  • The City of Santa Fe provides one green trash cart and one blue recycling cart to all residents. Trash carts are available in 96- or 64-gallon sizes, recycling carts are available in a 64 gallon size.  These containers are clearly marked and should remain at the residence.  The City provides additional containers to residents for an additional monthly fee. There are limited areas in the City where automated collection is not accessible and residents may have to use bag service. NOTE:  Only City issued carts will be collected.  Carts not issued by the City will not be collected.
  • Service is weekly, Monday through Friday, including all holidays (yes, even Christmas and New Year’s Day!).  Days of service are determined based on five solid waste districts established within the City limits.
  • For residential bag collection service, the customer may use commercially available plastic refuse bags.
  • For residential automated collection service, it is recommended the waste be bagged to avoid spilling and litter and to help keep the containers clean.  The size and mil of the bags are not specified.  Recycling should not be bagged in the cart, only trash.
  • The customer must keep all refuse and recycling within their property away from public view until the day of service. 
  • Bags placed outside of a container must be commercially identified for large containers and must have a garbage bag tag to be serviced.  Securely tied bags can only be placed curbside between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. of the day designated for collection.
  • City-provided refuse containers and recycling carts can be placed curbside between the hours of 6:00 p.m. the night before and by 7:00 a.m. the day designated for service.   Refuse containers and recycling containers must be removed from the curbside by 8:00 a.m. the day following the designated collection day.
  • Customers who receive automated collection shall place containers at a minimum of three feet (3') from any other object, including refuse bags, recycling containers and other containers so that personal property or City equipment does not get damaged, or City collection personnel do not get injured.
  • Where a curb does not exist, refuse containers must be placed on the property side, outside the traffic boundaries of the road. Carts shall be placed on a flat level surface. In other special situations, the placement of refuse shall be determined by the City.
  • Bags shall be securely tied to avoid spillage. Cleaning of any spillage that occurs within public right-of-way as a result of improperly bagged or secured refuse or due to entry by animals shall be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Bags placed for collection shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds and shall not exceed thirty-three (33) gallon capacity. City-provided containers shall not exceed two hundred (200) pounds.
  • Broken glass, cactus plants and other sharp objects shall be picked up only if placed in separate refuse bags or containers and labeled accordingly.
  • Refuse bags or containers shall not exceed twenty-five (25) pounds. Needles shall be placed in a puncture proof container with a screw top lid and labeled.
  • Pet waste shall be separated and double-bagged in refuse bags for placement on the curbside and shall not exceed twenty-five (25) pounds.
  • Tree limbs and other vegetative cuttings shall be tied in bundles no longer than four feet (4') and shall not exceed forty (40) pounds.  Materials handled this way are collected as part of ESD's large item pickup service.  Please call 505-955-2200 for details, current fees and to be scheduled.
  • Items which do meet the conditions of this section shall remain the responsibility of the customer to dispose in accordance with the City Code and all applicable environmental laws and regulations.





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