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To Report Graffiti

Thank you for Keeping Santa Fe Beautiful.  To report graffiti we ask you to click on the link below to file a report in our new CRM system. 


Report Graffiti


This is how the City of Santa Fe is now tracking all complaints/issues that constituents bring to our attention. Please report all graffiti using this system from now on.


How do I report graffiti and tagging?

Report graffiti in the City's CRM system here:

How do I report a tagger if I see him or her defacing property?

Call Police Dispatch (505) 428-3710 to report taggers in the act, not to report the graffiti itself.  Do not try to approach or apprehend the tagger.  If you have a cell phone, try to take a photo of the person if this can be done without putting yourself at risk.  If not, provide the dispatch operator with as much information as possible, such as car license plate information, description of the person or persons and your exact location.

What if the tagger leaves before he or she is arrested?

Again, call Police Dispatch (504) 428-3710.  This allows police to document the criminal activity and possibly develop suspects in this or other cases.

I know of someone who has defaced property.  Who do I call?

Call Crime Stoppers at (505) 955-5050.  Try to leave as much information as possible, such as car license plate, description of the person or persons involved, where they live (if known) and a description of the person's tag, if known.  Callers may remain anonymous, and receive a cash reward if the graffiti vandal is arrested and convicted.

What is the penalty if a tagger is caught defacing property?

When taggers are apprehended, they face fees of up to $500. Parents of minors who are caught defacing property are responsible for paying the fees. All fees are used to support the City’s Anti-Graffiti office. In addition to administrative fees taggers are subject to criminal prosecution which could include fines and or jail.

How long does it take to remove graffiti?

Once graffiti or tagging is observed by City staff or called in by residents, property owners are notified of the situation by the Anti-Graffiti office. If the graffiti is on public property, City crews will remove the graffiti within 48 hours. If on private property, the property owner has 10 days to remove the graffiti. If after 10 days the property owner has not complied with the City ordinance, City crews will attempt to remove tagging and graffiti as soon as possible .

I want to take a stand against graffiti. What can I do?

Organize a Neighborhood Watch. A majority of tagging happens in the early morning hours. Talk to your neighbors about watching the neighborhood in the wee hours to “catch a tagger in the act.” To learn about a Neighborhood Watch program near you or to start a new one call Santa Fe Police at (505) 955-5006.

What else can I do to stop this problem?

Are you a parent? Do you know where your kids are and what they are doing? Be aware of your kids’ activities, particularly in the early morning hours. Be aware if your child begins using tagging monikers or nicknames. Notice if they are writing graffiti type lettering on walls, clothing or notebooks. Lock up all markers and paint. If your kids are minors and are caught tagging, you will be responsible for paying to have the property cleaned up. Be vigilant! Be responsible!

Download and print Graffiti tips:





























Michelle Romero Babcock

ESD Program Coordinator


Graffiti Ordinance (PDF)

Graffiti Release of Liability Form Interactive (PDF)

Is your child a tagger? (PDF)

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