Did You Know: Because of public transit, 96.9 million vehicle miles were saved throughout New Mexico, which eliminated 46,333 tons of carbon dioxide in fiscal year 2017.







Did You Know: House of Cards  (Netflix TV Series) season 4 was filmed in Santa Fe and the surrounding area and a Santa Fe Trails bus was used in the season 4 final episode as it transported actors through the streets of Santa Fe.






Did You Know:  Santa Fe Trails has carried over 1 million passagers in one years time; we transported 1,037,181 people to be exact.



  Did You Know: Santa Fe Trails is the first transit system to go 100% Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at this altitude (7,000 ft) in the nation. Some of our garbage trucks  run on CNG as well..... keeping our air clean.


This furry Friend's picture was taken aboard a Santa Fe Trails bus as part of an ad for licensing pets.