Automatic Payment Direct Debit Plan Authorization Form

Customers may establish an automatic payment on their monthly utility services bill by direct debit from their checking account. Anyone may establish automatic payment to pay the utility services charges for any customer's account.

The form may be completed on line, saved to a computer and printed. It may also be downloaded and then completed by hand writing.

VOIDED check must be attached.

The form and attached check may be submitted in any of the following ways.

  • Mail the form and voided check to 

City of Santa Fe Utility Billing Division, 801 W San Mateo, Santa Fe, NM 87505

  • Place the form and voided check in an envelope and place in the drop box in the parking lot at

801 W. San Mateo 

  • If a customer chooses to submit the form online (via email), they must photocopy a voided check and attach it to the email.

If the customer or perosn paying for an account does not have a voided check, they may provide a letter from their banking/financial institution that includes their routing and account numbers, and their name.

The signature on the form authorizing direct debit must match the name on the bank account.