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Culture Connects CARES:

FREE Artist workforce training-  Increasing professional capacity in the digital age



Cornavirus has laid bare the need for our creative professionals to innovate their professional practices to incorporate sustainable solutions.  These workshops aim to help artists prepare for uncertain economic times and learn tools to broaden their businesses. 


Creating Video Content for Self Promotion
with Bel Sigado
These two workshops will be focused on the fundamentals of how to create fun content that may be used for both self+ institutional promotion, and the distribution of our local art culture online.
Voluntary assignments will be given with the opportunity for a one on one check-in with the instructor after workshop completion. 
Pre requisites: iphone or ipad, at least one social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
Bel Sigado  is an alumni of the University of Pittsburgh art history and museum studies program and is now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  They are the digital media manager at CURRENTS New Media, and wear a few aother hats.  Bel is passionate about 19th century Russian literature, bone broth and accessibility in art institutions through digital intervention.
PLEASE NOTE:  The original date for this workshp was listed as NOVEMBER 17th (postponed)
The NEW DATE is NOVEMBER 24TH @ 1:30 pm
 Setting your Scene: Intro to Mobile Video Creation
DECEMBER 10th @ 4:30 pm
 Going Live:  Content Creation Off the Cuff



Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Series
with Rubina Cohen
Creative Entrepreneurs + Artists + Makers
We have partnered with Firefly Strategies to develop a 4 part workshop series to prepare members of our creative economy for the ever-more-essential digital market.
LIMITED to 45 Attendees So REGISTER Soon!
Workshops will be held on 4 Tuesdays (November 16, November 23, November 30 and December 7) From 1 to 3 pm
November 16: Social Media and Digital Advertising
November 23: Email Marketing
November 30: Online Sales Platforms
December 7: Panel Discussion- Case Studies and Best Practices
Enrollment in this series includes all 4 workshops. As the content presented builds upon each preceding workshop, participants are expected to attend ALL 4 workshops.
Rubina Cohen is an expert marketer who has helped numerous 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses, organizations and individuals develop and implement profit raising marketing strategies.  Her experience spans almost 2 decades, with 12 years as Firefly Strategies Global's Founder, CEO, and Head Marketing Strategist.  Rubina has taught and presented for a multitude of community groups, helping to enhance their marketing acumen.  Having taught for such entities as the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, The New Mexico Green Chamber, Santa Fe Area Home Builders Asociation, Northern New Mexico United Way, LANL Foundation, Los Alamos Economic Development Department, The Denver SCIRE, the Santa Fe Professional Business Women, and WESST.
For more on Firefly Strategies Global, click HERE
1| All participants in the workshops must have a Facebook account created prior to the first workshop date. Homework and work submissions will take place in our closed Facebook group where Firefly Strategies staff will be answering more questions about each presentation.
2| All participants should have access to a camera either already installed on their desktop, laptop, digital devices such as an iPad, smartphone, or tablet.
3| Please use a headset or earbuds witha microphone.

 4| To register: CLICK HERE

5| After you register, check your email
inbox for:
a a link to join the Facebook Group,
b a ZOOM link to join your virtual workshop classroom
c A PDF file you can download and print, which is the workbook you’ll use to do your work and take notes in


Graphic Recording Training for Artists
with Taslim van Hattum
In order to encourage artists develop more sustainable career skills to survive economically challenging times, we are offering artists the opportunity to learn new ways to leverage their natural illustration skills by training to be Graphic Recorders. Graphic Recording is a growing career path that reconfigures the act of transcribing professional meetings/conferences/gatherings into compelling and memorable imagery and graphic elements.
Join local artist and Graphic Recorder Taslim van Hattum for a three-part graphic recording workshop to support beginners in understanding:
1) what is visual thinking, how to practice graphic recording (analogue/digital)
2) how to listen with intention and for recording ideas
3) how to build a graphic recording business practice and
4) how to build a visual vocabulary to record the stories around you in captivating ways!
You can anticipate learning about what makes visual learning so powerful, increase your own listening and graphic skills, and build a diverse, culturally-responsive and meaningful visual vocabulary to bring back to any setting to increase your storytelling and engagement tools.
Session 1: Monday, November 23rd, 4-6pm
Register  HERE
Session 2:  Monday November 30th, 4-6pm
Register HERE
Session 3: Monday, December 7th, 4-6pm
Register HERE

Taslim van Hattum is a multi-disciplinary artist raised in Northern New Mexico to the sounds of the Turkish saz in a woodshop in the village of Abiquiu. She currently splits her time and heart between Santa Fe and New Orleans, LA. She loves to draw, paint, design immersive meetings and spaces, and graphically record meaningful conversations and actions that lead to collective liberation. Taslim is also committed to her career as a public health social worker at the intersection of public health, behavioral health and health equity and she currently serves as a Senior Director of Practice Improvement for the National Council for Behavioral Health.   












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