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Culture Connects CARES:

Artist Mini-Grants for Hope and COVID Safe Practices


Every person has a story worth telling and remembering, and that individually, each embodies something valuable for the whole — imagination, knowledge, creativity, and will.

Culture Connects Roadmap


The City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department is pleased to announce that we have received CARES funding towards artist professional development, artist activations and Community Gallery COVID Safe Practice buildout. The first of our CARES funding initiatives extend the “Culture Connects: Behind the Mask Uncovering the Values We Carry Forward” Vision with Culture Connects CARES: Artist Mini-Grants for Hope and COVID Safe Practices

 We believe that creatives are economic assets and culture bearers that help to inspire and provide hope. In that light, we invite artists to create work that sparks public imagination, encourages connectedness and promotes COVID Safe Practices (CSP).

Mini grant awards are $750.

This application has closed.  Please stay tuned on this page for future rounds.

 We seek projects and artists that are socially engaged public art practices that authentically honor the integrity of the people, places, stories, and ideas – past, present, and future - that are engaged in the process and presentation of the art-making to bring to life CSP messaging to ensure a safe and healthy Santa Fe.

 Artist Eligibility:

Artists of all artistic discipline(s) with roots in diverse cultures, forms and aesthetics are encouraged to apply. Examples include but are not limited to dance, theater, music, visual art, literary art, multimedia art, or interdisciplinary art. Self-taught as well as institutionally-trained artists are also welcomed to apply. We encourage projects that seek to engage with and promote our diverse neighborhoods and are sensitive to hearing and sight impaired.

There is no requirement for minimum years of experience.

Be at least 18 years of age; collaboratives are welcome to apply and designate a “lead artist” who is at least 18 years of age

  • Reside within the County of Santa Fe including adjacent Pueblos
  • Cannot receive more than one mini-grant
  • Must submit a W-9 completed form upon award to receive funding
  • Artists must agree to use of artwork for non-commercial purposes in the promotion of hope with COVID Safe Practices (CSP) at the center of the messaging by the City of Santa Fe and be featured on City’s digital platforms 

Project Eligibility

  • Projects must happen within the City of Santa Fe limits and conclude by December 30, 2020
  • Projects must be accessible and FREE to the public
  • Projects must be physical artworks: paintings, sculptures, banners, prints, etc.
  • Projects must adhere to CSP as mandated by the Governor of New Mexico
  • Projects must adhere to the terms of the Santa Fe Promise campaign
  • Please visit this site to ensure your proposal is in alignment with the latest Public Health Order 

Ineligible Projects

  • Projects that are not open to the public or fee based
  • Projects that are part of lead artist(s)’ work for an employer or educational accreditation.  (e.g. an artist who works for a health center on community engagement is not eligible to apply as a lead artist for a project in partnership with the health center/their employer)
  • A performance intended for an exclusive audience, e.g. public school students during school time or community members enrolled in a particular program
  • Digital or virtual projects


Concept Criteria: 25 points total

Project Description10 points

Describe the project you propose as it relates to hope during COVID and CSP messaging? Please include Who, What, When, Where, Why descriptions to explain your vision briefly and clearly. If you have a sketch, drawing, video, etc. please include but NOT required.


Intentions for Public Impact 10 points

What is the expected public impact? How will you ensure that you reach and/or achieve it? Who is your desired audience?


Project Evaluation 5 points

What does “success” look like? What do you hope to achieve?


Application Evaluation

Arts and Culture Department staff will audit for application completeness and confirmation of residency. Culture Connects Coalition arts advisors composed of the Arts Commission Chair, Art in Public Places Chair and an artist representative will evaluate the applications and rank for funding. Note: ranking does not guarantee funding.


Awards are $750.


There are two ways to apply:

Online through jotform: Closed until further notice

 To apply in Spanish:  Closed until further notice


Or mail your hardcopy application with a US Post Mark by 5pm October 16, 2020 to

Arts and Culture Department/City of Santa Fe

PO Box 909

Santa Fe, NM 87504-0909



In Spanish HERE


Are You Unsure of What Socially Engaged Public Art Is? Do you know how to incorporate into your practice of all mediums? We recommend you check out Culture Connects Storytelling & Engagement Toolkit developed by Littleglobe and Santa Fe Arts Institute.

VIEW Culture Connects Storytelling and Engagement Toolkit HERE







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