Oversize Load Permits

Procedures for moving large loads

A permit is required to move a house or oversize load from point A to point B within the City limits of Santa Fe; or from outside the City limits to a location within the City limits; or from within the City limits of Santa Fe to a point outside the City limits of Santa Fe; or any time the State of New Mexico Motor Transportation Police Division requires an escort. 

Prior to the issuance of a permit:

Make arrangements with Santa Fe Police Department or escort service.

  • Please give 1 week in advance notice to the City of Santa Fe for all permits requiring an escort please note weekends do not count as a notice week days only. If permits are submitted after 4;00pm on a week day the permit request will not be viewed until the next business date
  • DAYS OF THE ESCORTS  Monday - Friday only, no Holidays or Weekends. Please note: days may be subject to change due to short resources. You must make arrangements with the Santa Fe Police Department or escort service. 

  • Escorts can be rescheduled or canceled due to weather or short resources available. If  a permit is canceled or rescheduled and the dates on the permit (s) is expired a new permit will need to be submitted including a insurance card attached ( we do not save insurance cards from previous permits.
  • City Curfew Hours  no escorts during the following hours:

                 7:30 am -8:30am

  • All permits submitted must Provide proof of insurance permits will be denied if the department does not receive a copy of insurance with the permit requested.
  • Route description along with reasonably anticipated traffic / utility disruption.

When reviewed and Completed a permit, a $30.00 permit fee and an additional $300.00 fee if police department is being utilized for an escort will be charged. If an escort is in two half’s two permits are required at $30.00 permit fee each.  If an escort is done with both half’s of a trailer or oversize load at once only one fee for an escort will be charged at $300.00 plus permit fees. If an escort requires two trips (example using the same truck for the escort) two fees for two separate escorts will be charged at $300.00 each plus $30.00 each for the permit fee paid to the City of Santa Fe. 

loads larger than the dimensions listed below:

8’6” Wide
14’ 0” High
65’0” Long

Escort Requirement

Along with a City permit requirement comes an escort requirement. An escort will be required on City streets at all times. The dimensions requirements for a police escort are as follows or when directed by the Santa Fe Police Department for public safety concerns: 20’ or Wider or a distance of 5 miles or more.

If a police escort is utilized, the fee will be $ 300.00 a day (in addition to any other fees required by the City of Santa Fe or other local, state, or federal agencies). The fee will be paid prior to the load being moved through or within the city limits of Santa Fe.

Indicate if it is a double-wide trailer or a single-wide trailer or if the load is not a mobile home indicate the disruption of the load being escorted if it is two loads and two trucks two permits are required to be filled out

To Apply for a Permit

Click Here for application
Complete the Oversize/Overweight Permit Application. The application must be typed and include a copy of your insurance certificate with your application. To submit your permit, please email:


Captain Anthony Tapia

(505) 955-5286

[bot protected email address]


Lieutenant Thomas Grundler

(505) 955-5359

[bot protected email address]


Sergeant James Plummer


[bot protected email address]




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