Parking Solutions

The Parking Division would like to make your parking experience in downtown Santa Fe as pleasant as possible. To ensure that this happens, we offer a variety of parking solutions:

Solution # 1: Monthly parking permits

Good for: Downtown business owners/employees, volunteers, etc. who need parking on a dailly or regular basis

Do you park downtown daily for work? Would you like to easily access parking each day for less than $3/day? Would you like to leave your vehicle in a safe and secure environment protected from the elements and not have to worry about moving it every couple of hours or receiving a citation? If so, we suggest that you purchase a monthy parking permit to one of our parking garages/lots. For more information on permit availability and rates, visit Apply for a Monthly Parking Permit.

Solution # 2: Park N Shop Coupons

Good for: Downtown businesses that want to pick up the parking tab for their customers

Downtown business owners and frequent parkers in our parking garages and lots, can visit Parking's Accounting office and purchase books of coupons for our facilities and receive a 10% discount. Coupons are sold in books of 50 and cost $45 and are redeemed as cash when exiting the parking facility.

Solution # 3: Parking Validation Program

Good for: Businesses that want to provide free parking  for their customers

The City of Santa Fe's Parking Division offers a validation program for downtown businesses. The program allows businesses to validate parking in garages and lots for customers / clients / guests - the amount of time validated is determined by the business. A refundable security deposit of $200 has to be deposited with the City to start the validation program. Parking Division staff manages the validations from each business and bills monthly. For more information on the validation program, please contact Robert Wood, Revenue Operations Manager, at (505) 955-6752.

Solution # 4: Meter Hoods

Good for: Construction companies, event organizers, VIPs who need to park at a specific meter for a limited period of time

Is your company doing construction downtown? Do you need to use an on-street parking space for a day or longer? If so, reserve a meter just for your use for only $30.00 per day. For more information on reserving a meter, visit the Rent a Parking Meter page.




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