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July 17, 2019
Your City at Work 2018 - 2019 Accomplishments
  1. Conducted searches for and hired 14 new Department directors—including 10 women in leadership positions—creating the first comprehensive City Administration to go along with the first full-time Mayor.
  2. Worked collaboratively with the Fiesta Council, the Caballeros de Vargas, the All Pueblo Governors, and the Archdiocese of Santa Fe to peacefully retire the Entrada and design an inclusive, respectful, and reconciliatory ceremony of shared faith, history, and culture.
  3. Developed a comprehensive housing strategy that includes new regulations to govern accessory dwelling units; a crackdown on short-term rentals; the development of housing on City-owned land in all Districts; implementation of Phase 3 at Tierra Contenta; the inclusion of housing on the mid-town campus; and new incentives for affordable rental units as part of the City’s inclusionary zoning ordinance.
  4. Increased pay for early-level police by 30% and implemented an average pay increase of more than 15% for the entire Santa Fe Police Department.
  5. Drafted planning guidelines for the mid-town campus emphasizing housing, higher education, and digital entertainment as key uses, and equity, sustainability, and opportunity as key values; the guidelines were unanimously adopted by the Governing Body.
  6. Secured $1.1 million from the State for the construction of a long-promised Southside Teen Center, and matched that with $1 million from the City’s General Fund toward this important $5 million dollar project.
  7. Collaborated with Somos un Pueblo Unido and other local groups to help 102 documented immigrants in Santa Fe take the path to citizenship.
  8. Produced the City’s third Classification and Compensation study in 14 years—the only one implemented—resulting in pay increases for City workers, bringing them up to market-rate salaries.
  9. Secured $9 million from the State to expand and upgrade the terminal at the Santa Fe Regional Airport.
  10. Secured $925,000 from the State to solarize City buildings—the first City solar projects in five years.
  11. Created the Office of Constituent and Council Services—and in the first two months audited a backlog of nearly 1,400 unresolved constituent complaints dating back almost eight years.
  12. Pioneered the City’s first “Code Blue” protocol to prevent deaths from exposure among homeless Santa Fe residents during extreme winter cold periods.
  13. Cooperated with the New Mexico Department of Transportation on an agreement to bring St. Michael’s and Paseo de Peralta up to paving standards and to complete the improvement study for the remainder of Cerrillos Road.
  14. Took City Council meetings to every District in the City—making it easier for City residents to see their elected officials at work.
  15. Joined with more than 70 cities around the country in the Built For Zero movement to end chronic and veteran homelessness in Santa Fe.
  16. Video-cast 56 weekly web-casts from the Mayor’s Office, providing real-time updates from the Mayor on a wide variety of City issues.
  17. Conducted 12 “Meet the Mayor” sessions in every part of the City, offering any Santa Fe resident a 5-minute meeting with the Mayor on a first-come, first-served basis.
  18. Hired two Council liaison staff positions to support members of the City Council, giving City Council members professional staffing for the first time.
  19. Filled more than 1,000 potholes on City-owned streets since the start of 2019.
  20. Raised money from generous Santa Feans to help create a Children’s Corner in Deming for the children of refugees and asylum-seekers.
  21. Raised over $160,000 that went to the Community Foundation to support ongoing State-wide efforts for immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers.
  22. Performed eight audits in the last year, and produced the annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) on time.
  23. Conducted Operation Spring Blitz from March through May of 2019. A total of 541.5 hours were put into this operation; officers made 671 traffic stops and issued 899 citations. Results from this operation showed a decrease in accidents on Cerrillos Road by 10.3% and on St. Francis Drive by 29%.
  24. Created and produced two annual seasons of Southside Summer, bringing movies, music, games, and entertainment to the Southside of Santa Fe.
  25. Invested $105,000 in Community Block Grant funds to provide public facilities improvements serving 550 to 1,000 low-income Santa Fe residents annually.
  26. Issued the first Green Bond in New Mexico history, utilizing creative financing in support of sustainability goals.
  27. Refinanced the debt on the mid-town campus, reducing the City’s payments by some $500,000 per year.
  28. Invested $150,000 to support emergency repairs, home improvements, and energy efficiency upgrades for 20 low income predominantly elderly households, enabling them to stay in their homes.
  29. Hosted the National Governors Association, bringing international and national focus to Santa Fe.
  30. Held the first ever “Mayor’s Give Back Ball,” honoring 28 nonprofit organizations and 268 of their volunteers. The City was able to fundraise from sponsors the cost of the event and give back $42,000 divided equally among all of the nonprofits recognized.
  31. Provided mortgage reduction assistance through Affordable Housing Programs, for 25 low-middle income households who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to purchase a home.
  32. Elevated the Arts Commission to its own stand-alone entity, in recognition of the ways in which art, history, and culture cut across and infuse all City activities.
  33. Appointed a Poet Laureate and the first-ever Youth Poet Laureate for the City.
  34. Invited submittals of works of art for the Santa Fe Regional Airport; selected and purchased eight art works to decorate the Airport.
  35. Included $400,000 for public art in the Gross Receipts Tax-backed bond issue, maintaining the City’s commitment to a “2% for art” policy.
  36. Moved City Council agendas and packets to a paperless format, providing documents electronically.
  37. Developed Financial Internal Controls to ensure that all employees follow the same procedures, methodologies, and framework for handling, processing, and safeguarding the City’s financial assets.
  38. Implemented the Local Election Act, allowing for streamlined elections and more time for elected officials to prepare for office.
  39. Shifted liquor license hearings to a hearing officer, saving time and removing inconvenience.
  40. Created Santa Fe Music Week and Santa Fe Art Week to continue the celebration of Santa Fe’s unique art and culture offerings.
  41. Provided 825 homeless, or at-risk-for-homelessness individuals and families an array of services including shelter, rental assistance vouchers, utilities cut-off payments, and links to other services to prevent homelessness and reduce chronic homelessness.
  42. Funded a police retention payment to demonstrate the City’s commitment to increasing police pay and to encourage officers to stay with the Santa Fe Police Department.
  43. Secured five Opportunity Zone designations to promote investment and economic development in some of Santa Fe’s lower income census tracts.
  44. Leveraged the commitment of almost $16 million in private investment, including tax credit subsidy, for the construction of Siler Yards, a 60-unit rental community for low-and moderate–income renters, located on City-donated property.
  45. Gained funding from the Kauffman Center to support the development of a food sector entrepreneurial ecosystem in Santa Fe.
  46. Signed five new broadband licenses to improve telecommunications services in Santa Fe.
  47. Secured City Council approval of the FY20 Operating and Capital Budgets on time to support all Departments and City functions.
  48. Secured Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) funding support for Marty’s Meals, helping a thriving local business to expand in a new and larger location.
  49. Issued Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the mid-town campus project and selected outstanding firms to assist the City as development proposals begin to emerge.
  50. Located a site for New Mexico Fresh Foods inside the City, keeping this growing local business in Santa Fe and creating the opportunity for 50 new jobs.
  51. Produced $25 million in value from earned media through the City’s robust Public Relations Program.
  52. Worked with the Guadalupe Street Association to strengthen and support that business district and its commercial identity.
  53. Attracted the Dent Conference to Santa Fe, a gathering of leaders in technology, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship; based on the organizers’ first-year experience in Santa Fe, they intend to bring the conference back.
  54. Collaborated with the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board to produce “100 Things to Do In Santa Fe.”
  55. Authorized the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board to undertake a $50,000 participatory budgeting program to identify and select a project that will enhance the lives of Santa Fe youth.
  56. Provided services to more than 2,600 seniors living in Santa Fe, including more than 61,000 group meals and more than 108,000 home-delivered meals.
  57. Coordinated response and recovery efforts among City, County, State, and Federal agencies to deal with the effects of the July 2018 flood; established and staffed the Emergency Operations Center for ten days immediately following the flood.
  58. Completed the development of the City’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.
  59. Deployed “Alert Santa Fe,” the City-County emergency notification system.
  60. Processed 139 Historic District Review Board cases and 363 Historic District Administrative Approvals.
  61. Continued the Opioid Overdose Outreach program to provide Santa Fe residents with overdose follow-up services and harm-reduction programming.
  62. Implemented the design phase as the next step in developing Fire Station #2 at 5750 Alameda Frontage Road, delivering on a commitment made as part of annexation.
  63. Partnered with Santa Fe Public Schools through Early College Opportunities (ECO) to provide education to students about public safety careers in Santa Fe.
  64. Completed planning for downtown bathrooms with $550,000 from the State to support the project.
  65. Conducted a City-wide Risk Assessment and began work on audits for procurement, human resources, and contract management.
  66. Adopted a resolution to form a Women’s Commission to assess and analyze policies, practices, and programs of the City and their impact on Santa Fe’s women, their lives, and their families.
  67. Conducted a self-assessment of the City’s implementation of the mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system; adopted the findings, resulting in the financial component of the ERP software going live on time, on budget.
  68. Deployed more than 300 new desktop workstations in City departments, replacing obsolete machines and making City employees more efficient, effective, and productive.
  69. Implemented a City-wide upgrade to the Office 365 email system, standardizing email addresses for the City and replacing an obsolete, 12-year-old email system.
  70. Issued a total of 3,163 construction permits, an 8% increase over the previous year.
  71. Began the roll out of a new digital voice system, reducing City department reliance on the older technology and saving $72,000 per year.
  72. Saved 13,590,015 gallons of water and reduced 1,194 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year from new single-family residences built according to the Green Code.
  73. Responded to 1,192 code complaints.
  74. Installed a new internet connection that boosts network speed by ten times at one-third of the cost.
  75. Issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) and began selection of a vendor for a new customer management software system to improve the tracking, handling, and resolving of resident concerns through the Office of Constituent and Council Services.
  76. Completed 20,540 building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and gas inspections.
  77. Reviewed, approved, and inspected 717 grading and drainage projects.
  78. Conducted training and trouble-shooting to enable the on-time, on-budget implementation of the ERP software in the Land Use Department.
  79. Created the City of Santa Fe’s Procurement Policies and Procedures Manual, with input from all City departments, to clarify the rules and the process for buying services and goods to ensure City operations are running smoothly.
  80. Created a downloadable app for the Santa Fe Margarita Trail with over 15,000 apps and passports in circulation. Restaurant participation increased from 31 to 45 locations.
  81. Adopted a Sustainability Plan with a unanimous vote of the Governing Body, putting Santa Fe at the forefront of the fight against climate change.
  82. Promoted and expanded the City’s Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program to divert low-level drug offenders from incarceration into treatment and harm-reduction options.
  83. Appointed the Drug Strategy Task Force to generate a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol abuse in Santa Fe.
  84. Hosted more than 1,000 Santa Fe residents each week at Genoveva Chavez Community Center (GCCC) fitness programs; had more than 50,000 ice skaters use the GCCC rink; had more than 1,000 Youth Summer Camp participants in GCCC programs; and served more than 800 Santa Fe children in the nine-month after-school program.
  85. Held more than 39 tournaments at the Municipal Recreation Complex.
  86. Partnered with the Food Depot for a first-ever “Holiday Food Drive” that raised 723 pounds of food for hungry residents of Santa Fe.
  87. Facilitated Samantha Brown’s “Places to Love” Season Two in January, resulting in more than 100 million impressions.
  88. Renovated the women’s locker room and replaced the HVAC system at the Ft. Marcy Recreation facility.
  89. Responded to customer demand by introducing new recreation programs that are growing fast and attracting high levels of interest, such as Pickle-ball.
  90. Implemented a basketball league that hosted 36 teams with 360 players; hosted a volleyball league with 40 teams in a variety of categories and different levels of play.
  91. Recorded a 29% decrease in residential burglaries; residential breaking and entering declined by 24%; and larceny offenses dropped by 10% compared to 2017.
  92. Enrolled all sworn police officers in Crisis Intervention Training to equip them better when responding to calls involving individuals in crisis.
  93. Worked with Santa Fe Public Schools on enhanced patrol, technological monitoring, and oversight of schools when situations warrant greater police presence.
  94. Engaged the Police Foundation in an assessment of police policies, practices, staffing levels, and other components of 21st century policing.
  95. Created a full-time sustainability planner position in the Public Utilities Department to drive implementation of the City’s adopted Sustainability Plan.
  96. Worked with the County to award a new Curbside Recycling Contract to ensure a stable recycling program in light of industry and global changes.
  97. Implemented an improved routing system for trash, recycling, and support vehicles to optimize vehicle and personnel efficiency.
  98. Restructured and revitalized the Keep Santa Fe Beautiful program and plan, for better maintenance of the City’s trails, raingardens, and medians.
  99. Began work on the construction of the $15 million waste water anaerobic digester project funded through New Mexico’s first ever “Certified Green Bond.”
  100. Treated 1.87 billion gallons of raw sewage; reused 388 million gallons of treated effluent.
  101. Produced 7,533 acre feet of water for the City water system, including 1,369 acre feet of surface water; 1,482 acre feet from City wells; 833 acre feet from Buckman Wells; and 321 acre feet from St. Michael’s Well.
  102. Provided all bypass flow to the Santa Fe River to meet the City’s Living River Ordinance.
  103. Completed leak detection testing of 120 miles of the water distribution system to identify leaks that are not visible or have not surfaced.
  104. Responded to more than 2,800 trouble-shooting calls or after-hour calls for service from Santa Fe water utility customers.
  105. Increased Eye on Water participation by 1,931 users, a 77% increase, for improved water conservation practices by Santa Fe residents.
  106. Developed the Bicycle Master Plan Web-Based Interactive Mapping Program.
  107. Produced the project list, cost estimates, and prioritization for the $20 million Gross Receipts Tax-backed bond, and implemented management oversight and reporting measures to track and report project progress.
  108. Produced funding and a staffing plan for the City’s Stormwater Management Plan; had the Plan adopted by the Governing Body.
  109. Took over maintenance and upkeep of the mid-town campus; responded to weather and equipment emergencies that threatened the viability of buildings and systems on the campus.
  110. Executed the City’s first-ever energy services contract, and began $5 million in energy efficiency and water conservation projects at City-owned buildings and facilities.
  111. Handled more than 200,000 commercial passenger enplanements and deplanements at Santa Fe Regional Airport, a 10% increase over the previous year.
  112. Provided approximately 1 million passenger trips on the City transit system.
  113. Began construction on the Southside Transit Center with an approved budget of $3,480,000.
  114. Continued to pave streets using money from the Gas Tax bond issue; as of today, 25.3 lane miles of Santa Fe streets have been improved at a cost of $4.67 million, with $6.33 million remaining to be spent.
  115. Expanded Santa Fe Indigenous People’s Day to a full weekend celebration.
  116. Invested $120,000 for public relations campaigns, producing earned media impressions totaling 2,363,370,472, with an estimated value of $24,138,400.
  117. Registered a 7.6% increase in Lodger’s Tax revenue, growing by $810,798 to a total of $11,489,391.
  118. Managed a downtown area litter patrol program covering 28 blocks per day, with an average of six to eight miles of litter pickup per day.
  119. Completed 807 public information requests under the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) process.
  120. Developed a new, consolidated City Emergency Operations Center at the mid-town campus.
  121. Provided library services to more than 23,000 library card holders; City library staff provided 61,000 wireless sessions, 94,000 public computer sessions, gave 569 programs for 19,000 Santa Fe children, and provided 99 programs for young adults.
  122. Adopted and installed 50 signs saying, “Bikes may use full lanes”—adopting a best practice to improve bicycle safety on Santa Fe streets.
  123. Developed a specific email for Department requests to advertise vacant positions, reducing the amount of time to get City jobs posted from more than ten days to two days.
  124. Increased the number of safety training opportunities for City employees from fewer than ten sessions in FY 2018 to more than 50 in FY2019.
  125. Cleaned up and reconciled job position information in the City budget for FY2020; more than 50% of the positions in the previous year’s budget were inaccurate.
  126. Negotiated a temporary incentive pay program for Transit Drivers, helping to keep City bus drivers on the job.
  127. Conducted the First Annual Youth Employment Job Fair.
  128. Conducted the First Annual Employee Health and Wellness Fair.
  129. Completed the Acequia Trail connection bridge between Onate and Katherine Streets.
  130. Adjusted the Santa Fe Pickup Shuttle stop locations to better support foot traffic to Guadalupe Street businesses.
  131. Adjusted the schedule of bus service to Santa Fe Community College to do a better job of meeting student and faculty needs.
  132. Reduced the number of City committees by eliminating obsolete or non-active committees.
  133. Streamlined the legislative process through use of electronic signatures and standard legislative request forms.
  134. Joined other local governments in amicus briefs supporting protections for gender identity and sexual orientation.
  135. Entered into a new and modernized franchise agreement with PNM.
  136. Filed a lawsuit against the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department along with more than 20 other local governments to recover gross receipts taxes that are suspected to have been underpaid.
  137. Sued local and national defendants responsible for the opioid crisis in Santa Fe, seeking a variety of damages and other relief.
  138. Adopted improvements to the Public Campaign Financing Law, allowing qualified small contributions and matching payments by the City under certain circumstances.
  139. Increased the number of followers of the City of Santa Fe’s Facebook page by 12% and increased the City’s weekly social media engagements by over 25%.
  140. Gained recognition from Travel + Leisure magazine’s 2019 World’s Best Awards as the #2 city on the “Top 15 Cities in the United Stated States” list.




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