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February 24, 2021
Turquoise is the New Green - SANTA FE COVID-19 UPDATE 2/24

Safe. Open. Together

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MOVING THE GOALPOSTS—IN A GOOD WAY: Even as Santa Fe County, currently rated Yellow under the Department of Health COVID risk scale, strives to achieve a Green designation, Governor Lujan’s office announced Today (2/24/2021) the addition of a new Turquoise level that will include minimal public health restrictions. The County needs to consistently show eight or less cases daily per 100,000 residents and a test positivity rate of five percent or less to earn the Green designation. As of February 22, we averaged 8.3 daily cases per 100,000 for the previous two-week period and a positivity rate of 2.01 percent. So there’s a real chance for the County to get to Green, or medium risk, in two weeks.

If we stay Green for four weeks, the resulting Turquoise Level low-risk designation would allow Santa Fe to start ramping up a robust economic recovery. Yellow is still considered high risk, so it’s important to maintain the safety measures that brought the rate down: Residents are advised to continue to physically distance, wear masks, wash hands, and sanitize regularly. 

SHOTS IN THE ARMS: Despite continuing shortages of the vaccine supply, New Mexico is still doing very well in administering the doses that come from the Federal Government—at 20 percent, the state is second in the percentage of residents who have gotten at least one shot. Find detailed and up-to-date vaccine related information on the Department of Health COVID-19 vaccine dashboard here.

Mayor Webber has received assurances from our local medical community leaders that supply of vaccine coming to New Mexico will be increasing over the next several weeks. 

The City has offered to help the Department of Health with personnel and locations for vaccinations, but as of now the City’s role is to provide information about the state-run vaccination distribution program.

COVID HEALTH CARE ADVICE: In the twice-weekly WebberCasts that appear on the Mayor Alan Webber Facebook page, Topic Number One is always COVID. Here are some key takeaways from recent interviews with leaders of local medical institutions who provide real-time progress reports on vaccination distribution and related topics:

  • Anyone who’s 75+ and having trouble registering online for the vaccine, or is concerned that they have registered but haven’t gotten an appointment, please call the DOH hotline to see if they can offer direct assistance.
  • If you are in need of resources, whether it’s food, or help due to unemployment, or dealing with a housing crisis, contact CONNECT for direction to resources that help during these tough economic times.
  •  If you have a primary health provider, whether a doctor or nurse practitioner, check in with them to see if they have advice or assistance about vaccinations.
  •  If you are a regular patient at one of our major hospitals, whether it be LaFamilia, CHRISTUS, or Presbyterian, they can offer assistance.
  • COVID-fatigue is real. If you or a loved one is suffering with mental and/or behavioral health issues, please call 1-855-NMCRISIS hotline, reach out to your health care provider, and talk to a family member or friend immediately. This too shall pass! Brighter days ahead!

Note: WebberCasts are recorded, so you can catch up with them at your convenience on the Mayor's Facebook page or on the City's YouTube channel.


STOP COVID WITH NOVID: Using the NOVID app could be incredibly helpful as residents start to move about the city and institutions like schools begin to reopen. NOVID is a radar-like technology that serves as an early warning system for proximity to COVID infections. It’s anonymous and self-reporting, so privacy is not a concern. The more people that use it, the more effective it will be in helping to continually bend the curve in the right direction. Learn more about it here, download the app, and enter the code SANTAFE.


BEFORE YOU GO: Here are reminders of five things we can all do to help the county to get to green:

1.  Get tested: Order your free test and have it delivered to your home.

2.  Register to get vaccinated.

3.  Wear a mask.

4.  Wash your hands and sanitize them often.

5.  Practice physical distancing







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