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October 16, 2019
Santa Fe Summer Report : A list of 14 things the City did this summer and so much more!

Here are 14 things the City did this summer. How many did you know about?



  1. The Public Works Department continued to pave streets using money from the Gas Tax Bond issue; so far more than 28 lane miles of Santa Fe streets have been improved at a cost of $7 million, with $4 million remaining to be spent.


  1. The Affordable Housing Office supported homebuyer training and counseling programs that certified 225 people/households as “mortgage ready” and enabled 84 homebuyers to close on the purchase of a home and become Santa Fe homeowners.


  1. The Parks and Recreation Department recorded all-time high attendance at the GCCC, averaging 2,000 to 2,200 visitors per day, all summer.


  1. The Police Department responded to 20,093 calls for service and initiated another 13,526 calls on their own.


  1. The Fire Department partnered with Southwest Care Center’s Syringe program to clean up 2,462 syringes throughout the community over a three-month time frame.


  1. The Human Resources Department implemented salary increases for AFSCME, the Fire Union, the Police Union and non-union employees.


  1. The Information Technology Department hired a Chief Information Security Officer to build up the City’s framework for overall information security.


  1. The Public Utilities Department diverted more than 1,652 acre feet of water from the Rio Grande; hired a new Operations Superintendent and Maintenance Superintendent; and installed a new raw water pump as the first phase of an overall replacement program—all working at the Buckman Direct Diversion.


  1. The Community Services Department served 181,243 visitors at the Public Library; library visitors used 206,871 print and electronic materials from the collection; the libraries held 168 public programs that attracted 5,036 participants.


  1. Tourism Santa Fe provided enhanced, free wifi connections on the Plaza.


  1. The City Attorney’s Office received 133 IPRA requests during June, July, and August and responded to 144 IPRA requests over the same period.


  1. The Land Use Department’s Building Division issued 1,612 permits over the months of June, July and August, compared to 1,853 for the same months in 2018, and 1,441 in 2017. Given the transition to the new permitting system, reduced hours and a one-week closure, this is a remarkable accomplishment by the City on behalf of those seeking permits.


  1. Constituent and Council Services received and provided assistance on more than 3,500 phone calls during the summer months.


  1. The Economic Development Department hosted more than 100 developers, educators, businesses, and non-profits on two days of tours of the midtown site, as part of issuing a Request for Expressions of Interest regarding the site.


For a more complete account of things the City did this summer, read the Summer Report 2019 full report (Click Here) that provides a department-by-department list. You can also view a companion document (click here) to the Summer Report that highlights stories from the hard-working men and women who proudly serve the City of Santa Fe.   





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