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January 14, 2021
Santa Fe Prepares for Demonstrations 

Mayor Webber, Gov. Lujan Grisham, SFPD Chief Padilla

Emphasize Peaceful Protest and Preparedness for Inaugural Demonstrations

“In view of the heightened concern over public safety in the days leading up to the presidential inauguration, I have been in close contact with Governor Lujan Grisham to ensure that we are taking the right steps here in Santa Fe to protect people and property in the event of any violence. To that end, the City of Santa Fe and the Chief of Police are closely coordinating their efforts with our federal and state law enforcement partners. I am closely monitoring the situation and taking whatever precautions are needed.

I have helped convene a group of Mayors from other state capitol cities across the county to discuss what we all are doing to coordinate with our state officials and locally to protect our cities.

Santa Fe is the Capital City, and I believe in the First Amendment right to peacefully protest at our state Capitol. It absolutely does not mean that anyone has a right to incite violence or destruction. I remain hopeful that any protests at the Capitol this weekend and through Inauguration Day remain peaceful."

-       Mayor Alan Webber

The Santa Fe Police Department has received and responded to a number of concerns from citizens regarding the events being seen locally and nationwide as President-Elect Biden’s transition and Inauguration nears. The Santa Fe Police Department takes these matters and potential threats very seriously, and has been working with our Law Enforcement partners in the region to ensure that we are maintaining a safe presence in and around the Capitol area.

-       Chief Andrew Padilla

"The events of last week made very clear that preparation and readiness are of the utmost importance. State law enforcement leadership have worked and are working in close concert with Capitol building management, the Legislature and local and federal law enforcement partners to ensure the security of the area next week and beyond. I am personally grateful to local leadership and all partners involved in this effort. I ask New Mexicans and anyone inclined to protest at any point over the coming days and weeks to remember we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Please do not put the safety of your neighbors and of law enforcement personnel at risk."

-       Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham
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