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February 17, 2021

Safe. Open. Together

#AllTogetherSantaFe #SantaFePromise

SHOTS IN THE ARMS: The State of New Mexico is doing a good job of administering vaccinations that come from the Federal Government. In fact, according to the CDC COVID data tracker, the state is among those with the highest rate of total doses per 100,000 residents. Now the only thing holding us back from mass vaccinations is the supply. If you have not registered, you should sign up here.

Did you know that some 450,000 doses have been administered, including nearly 82,000 in the last week! See the data for yourself on the Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard here.

The City has offered to help the Department of Health with personnel and locations for vaccinations, but as of now the City’s role is to provide information about the state-run vaccination distribution program.

VAX NEWS STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCES: The twice-weekly WebberCast on Facebook features expert commentary from leaders of local medical institutions, who provide real-time progress reports.

This afternoon (Wednesday, February 17) the guest will be Dr. Laura Parajon, Deputy Cabinet Secretary for the DOH.

The WebberCasts are recorded, so you can catch up with them at your convenience on the Mayor Alan Webber Facebook page ( or on YouTube (


  • If you have a primary health provider, whether a doctor or nurse practitioner, check in with them to see if they have advice or assistance about vaccinations.
  • Call the DOH hotline to see if they can offer you needed information.
  • If you are a regular patient at one of our major hospitals, whether it be LaFamilia, CHRISTUS, or Presbyterian, they can offer assistance.

GETTING TO GREEN: Last Wednesday Santa Fe County received the Yellow zone designation for COVID infection rates. Progress! Good news for public health and a hopeful sign for the economy! But a full recovery depends on getting to Green. Yellow is still considered “High Risk” so it’s important to maintain the safety measures that brought the rate down.

 Five things we can all do to help the county to get to green:

  1. Get tested: Order your free test and get it delivered to your home.
  2. Register to get vaccinated.
  3. Wear a mask.
  4. Wash your hands and sanitize them often.
  5. Practice physical distancing


  • Mass gathering size increases from 5 to 10 people and from 40 to 80 vehicles (the City’s Order moves up as the State’s changes).
  • Retail capacity increases from 25% to 33% (except grocery stores and supermarkets, which are limited by City Order to 30%).
  • Indoor dining can occur up to 25% indoors and 75% outdoors (up from 0% and 25%), for restaurants that have completed the various trainings and improvements required by the orders.
  • Gyms are still limited to 25% capacity, but maximum limit is raised from 75 to 125 (if that number is equal or less than 25% capacity).

STOP COVID WITH NOVID: Using the NOVID app could be incredibly helpful as residents start to move about the city and institutions like schools begin to reopen. NOVID is a radar-like technology that serves as an early warning system for proximity to COVID infections. It’s anonymous and self-reporting, so privacy is not a concern. The more people that use it, the more effective it will be in helping to continually bend the curve in the right direction. Learn more about it here, download the app, and enter the code SANTAFE.

THE ROAD TO RECOVERY: City Economic Development Director Rich Brown says, “A big factor in our economic revitalization depends on the City achieving the Green zone level. Our recent progress to Yellow demonstrates the many sacrifices and commitment that our community has made towards COVID prevention. While the economic wins, such as increased indoor dining and hotel occupancy, are incremental for now, the societal rewards of getting to Green can be exponential to our children being able to return to school, our greater wellbeing, and a path to recovery.”




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