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February 11, 2021
Santa Fe County Goes from “Red” to “Yellow”

City to Reopen Fort Marcy with New Designation

The New Mexico Department of Health reports that Santa Fe County is now rated Yellow on its COVID-19 risk scale.

As previously communicated, with the status change Ft. Marcy Recreation Complex will reopen on February 17, 2021. This opening date is set to accommodate a seven day union notification requirement. Fort Marcy will operate by appointment only and follow all the COVID-safe practices used at the GCCC.

GCCC will also be able to increase the number of appointments for the gym. 

A few more items of note now that Santa Fe County is “Yellow”:

  • Mass gathering size increases from 5 to 10 persons and from 40 to 80 vehicles (the City’s Order moves up as the State’s changes).
  • Retail capacity increases from 25% to 33% (except Grocery Stores and Super Markets, which are limited by City Order to 30%).
  • Indoor dining can occur up to 25% indoors and 75% outdoors (up from 0% and 25%), for restaurants that have completed the various trainings and improvements required by the orders and CSPs.
  • Per the State’s Public Health Order the Indoor ice rink status of “closed” does not change under Red to Yellow (or Green); read the January 29, 2021) order here.
  • Gyms are still limited to 25% capacity, but maximum limit is raised from 75 to 125 (if that number is equal or less than 25% capacity)

View the DOH dashboard here:

Mayor Alan Webber says: “Getting to ‘yellow’ is the first step in getting to ‘green’—which is our real community-wide goal. We’re bending the curve of COVID, keeping people safe and opening up Santa Fe. If we stay focused on wearing masks, washing hands, and practicing physical distancing, as more folks get vaccinated I’m optimistic that we’ll continue to make progress toward a better, safer, and healthier 2021.”

Counties at the Yellow Level have either a new COVID-19 case incidence rate of no greater than 8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants during the most recent two-week period, or an average percent of positive COVID-19 test results over the most recent 14-day period less than or equal to 5%; the County qualifies with a 4.22% positive test rate.

The status is in place for at least two weeks. On February 24, the County can stay Yellow, go Green, or revert to Red. If it goes Green, increased capacities for retail and dining and increased mass gatherings would be permitted immediately. If the County reverts to Red, then the change is in effect 48 hours later (sometime on February 26th). 

Additional resources and links: 

The updated COVID-Save Practices (CSP) Document (February 8, 2021) is here.




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