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August 20, 2021
Protecting Prairie Dogs from Trapping.

City of Santa Fe Joins Animal Protection New Mexico in Decrying Trapping of Prairie Dogs

Animal Protection New Mexico (APNM) has recently been made aware of several prairie dogs found dead in “live-capture” traps in Santa Fe. This practice is both cruel and potentially illegal. The City of Santa Fe joins APNM in condemning this practice and urging Santa Feans to practice coexistence with the city’s wildlife.

“Santa Fe is a city where we value and protect all of our animals, from dogs to prairie dogs,” says Mayor Alan Webber. “Recently, however, we’ve witnessed some disturbing attacks on our prairie dog villages. The City has been and continues to be committed to prairie dog protection. Valuing and protecting animals is part of Santa Fe; hurting prairie dogs harms us all.”

The traps in the most recent cases may be considered “live-capture”—which purports to be a more humane way of dealing with wildlife— but prairie dogs still can quickly die in such traps. Prairie dogs can’t tolerate exposure to direct sunlight and heat for long periods.

Certain keystone species—like beavers, prairie dogs, coyotes, and cougars—are particularly important to New Mexico’s ecosystems but have been historically driven out, harassed, and nearly made extinct as our communities grow and develop into habitat areas. Active prairie dog colonies create habitats for over 100 other animal species. Yet prairie dogs are often unfairly considered “problem” animals and killed with inhumane methods including poisons and traps.

APNM serves as a voice for wildlife—both as a group of species whom New Mexicans coexist with, in rural and urban settings, and as individual animals deserving of humane treatment, just like the companion animals New Mexicans share their homes with.

Those who have concerns about prairie dogs welfare may contact APNM’s Cruelty Hotline: 877-5-HUMANE. Callers may remain anonymous.

About Animal Protection New Mexico

Animal Protection New Mexico’s mission is to advocate the rights of animals by effecting systemic change, resulting in the humane treatment of all animals. In 2019, APNM celebrated its 40th anniversary of planning, implementing, and succeeding with dynamic programs, projects, services, and collaborations that span a broad spectrum of animal protection issues.

Visit and follow APNM on Facebook @animalprotectionnm, Instagram @animalprotectionnewmexico, Twitter @apnm, and YouTube @apnm.

Media Contact: Jennifer Abbots, Communications Manager

Animal Protection of New Mexico

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