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March 27, 2019
Potholes - Santa Fe We hear you!

Right now, the thing that is foremost on people’s minds is pot holes. We’re getting a lot of calls and emails and newspaper comments about the pot holes being the worst ever! Our response: We hear you.

We often talk about deferred maintenance and our roads are a PERFECT example. They were not in a condition to sustain the wet winter we had.  Did you know this year snow plows were dispatched 32 times vs. just 3 times last year? 

We hear you, and fixing these potholes quickly is a priority for the City. 

You can expect the next four weeks to be full of intense pot hole filling as we hit the pot hole list as hard and fast as we can.  We should be able to tackle the majority potholes (weather permitting) in the next few weeks!

We have identified $86k to mill and overlay small sections of roads with multiple potholes through contractors. Our contractors will come on board the week of 4/1 and 4/8 respectively.

This week, our crews started working 10 hour days, Monday – Friday.  This means two extra hours each day for the next four weeks to fill the potholes around the City! FYI – City crews wanted to work weekends too, but they can’t because the hotmix plant is not open on Saturdays.  

As of March 24th there were 76 potholes on the list, we are filling about 10 a day – BUT every day that list is growing a little as we are finding more potholes and are getting more calls on potholes. Did you know it takes us about 45 min per pothole for a hotmix fix?

When our crews are filling a pothole, they will do a scan of the area to see if there are any other potholes in close proximity that they can quickly tackle.  And if there are, they do! 

Over the winter months we used a cold-mix fill, it lasts a few days, but we were able to fill and re-fill potholes with it.  Last month we filled 196 potholes with cold-mix.  Now that the weather has warmed up, the hotmix plant is open, and we have clear weather we can move to the hotmix fix (which is more permanent, but takes a little longer). 

If you have constituents who want to get a pothole on the list - It’s not too late. Here’s the best way for you to report a pot hole that you want us to go to work on: 505-955-6949 or 505-955-3000.

But wait—there’s more!

Because we know that pot holes are a result of streets suffering from deferred maintenance, we’re kicking our paving program into high gear. We’ll be deploying $6.5 million of gas tax bond dollars over the next few months — here’s a schedule of the work that has already started!

  • Avenida De Las Campanas - Should finish paving this week (we posted live video of this to kick-off the paving schedule)
  • Galisteo  - Start paving at the end of this week and finish the week of April 1
  • Calle Lorca - Start Concrete work this week and pave the week April 8
  • Agua Fria - Start concrete work April 15 and paving will start the first week of June
  • Johnson – Concrete will start at the end of April and paving the first week of May
  • Siler – concrete will start in June and paving in July
  • Camino Entrada – End of July
  • Rufina – End of July
  • Zia Road West – End of July
  • Agua Fria (from Siler to City limits) – End of July

We’ve also learned that sometimes the paving costs come in under the amount we’ve allocated, which means that going forward we may be able to squeeze some more miles out of the money we’ve programmed.

It is not just pothole work - We have three graders working on dirt roads throughout the city, a four man concrete crew working on curb and gutter repairs, and four sweepers helping to get the salt off the roads.

But wait—there’s even more!

Thanks to the Governor and the State Legislature, NMDOT was allocated funds to repave roads that they own in Santa Fe.  We’ll learn about their plans and share them with you.





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