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February 3, 2020
Operation "Downtown Focus"


Phase 1 - The Santa Fe Police Department created operation “Downtown Focus” to bring a more vigorous and visible police presence to downtown Santa Fe, and to deter crimes that erode our everyday quality of life. This increased presence also allows our officers to connect with our local business owners, gleaning valuable insight into the challenges they face each day. This operation is an opportunity for the Police Department to gather data, crunch the numbers, and then use the data to more efficiently and effectively deploy resources.   

Specifically, the operation assigns four additional uniformed officers from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily to the downtown area. The officers’ focus is specifically on patrolling and establishing communication with local business owners to discuss their concerns.  To date, the operation has made contact with nearly 60 businesses. Officers are enforcing a zero-tolerance mandate on all crime, ranging from littering to drug use.  The operation is scheduled to run for two weeks; it started January 27 and will end on February 9.

Phase 2 - The data gathered throughout the operation will be reviewed and used to create an action plan moving forward.  The Police Department is already working on a variety of items, including the return of the pedal bike team.

Phase 3 –The bike team will be deployed in the downtown area starting February 22, 2020, and will seamlessly continue the mission when operation “Downtown Focus” concludes.

These rolling patrols have several advantages: they are silent, mobile, accessible, and experience the neighborhoods in ways that officers in cars simply cannot. With the return of the bike team, the Santa Fe Police Department will provide coverage seven days a week. The bike team is one piece of a long-term plan to establish and maintain Police presence downtown.

Phase 4 – The data, bike team presence, and community collaboration will dictate the next steps. There will be a follow up meeting approximately 30-45 days after the bike team is launched. 


Mobile Video Trailer

The Santa Fe Police Department placed a Mobile Video Trailer on the plaza September 23, 2019.  The Santa Fe Police Department has been rotating the location of a second Mobile Video Trailer around the downtown area including at the Santa Fe Railyard Park and the DeVargas Park.  The second trailer will continue to rotate to other downtown locations. These mobile video trailers act as crime deterrents and provide valuable video footage when prosecuting possible crimes.






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