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December 15, 2020
New Short-Term Rental Ordinance Goes into Effect in New Year

The City of Santa Fe Governing Body approved a new Short-Term Rental Ordinance on December 9, 2020, which goes into effect on January 1, 2021. The ordinance is a vital next step in the City’s strategic broad-spectrum action plan to create more housing, preserve and enhance community in residential neighborhoods, while also providing economic opportunity for property owners and preserving the economic benefits and singular tourism experiences that short-term rentals represent.

Mayor Alan Webber says, “The ordinance is part of a strategy for creating not pnly housing, but also livable neighborhoods where people can put roots down and raise families in safe, secure communities.”

Among the provisions of the ordinance, the most prominent actions include: The legislation maintains a cap of one thousand (1000) short-term rental permits on residentially zoned property; limits the number of short-term rental permits to one per person; requires greater distance between existing STR units and those permitted after the effective date requires a local operator to be on call 24/7 and within one hour’s drive of the unit; adopts record-keeping and reporting requirements for unit owners and host platforms; clarifies other provisions of the short-term rental ordinance in order to facilitate consistent enforcement. Any applications submitted to the Land Use Department of the new by Dec. 31 will not be held to any of the new rules and regulations.

Adoption of the STR ordinance is the result of a lengthy, intensive, and thorough review of public sentiment, quality-of-life and economic impacts, data, and best practice models from other cities by City Council Members and City agents. It was sponsored by Mayor Webber, Councilwoman Renee Villarreal, Councilor Signe Lindell, and Councilor Carol Romero-Wirth. Councilor Wirth remarked that the review was necessitated by what she characterized as the industrialization of the market that has occurred as a result of growth in popularity of rental agencies like Airbnb, VRBO, and Expedia.

Mayor Webber says, “The Councilors put in hours and hours of work—the process took roughly one year, involved countless meetings with community groups to get feedback and make adjustments. They demonstrated great leadership working on a difficult issue. It really was a model for a legislative process.”

 Visit for more information, including a detailed faq on the new regulations.

For questions regarding the new short-term rental regulations, please contact the Short-Term Rental Office at (505) 955-6336 or by email at [bot protected email address]

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