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June 7, 2019
Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board Comes Up with 100 Things to Do in Santa Fe

Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board Comes Up with 100 Things to Do in Santa Fe

The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board came up with 100 of their favorite things to do in and around Santa Fe. The beautiful City of Santa Fe offers the community so many fun things to do. Contrary to the popular belief of the youth that there is nothing to do in Santa Fe (or any city for that matter), Teens could grab a friend and get some ice-cream in the plaza or take a hike with their family.

A special thanks to Teya, Sydney, Diego, Will, Summer, and Avi for contributing their top things to do in Santa Fe. 

  1. Visit the Farmer’s Market
  2. Go for a Hike: Sun Mountain, Atalaya Trail, Ski Basin, etc. 
  3. Hit the biking trails: Dale Ball Trails or even the Rail Trail  
  4. Check out Meow Wolf (Bonus - Check out a concert at Meow Wolf)
  5. Check out a movie at one of our Theatres (Violet Crown + Regal + Jean Cocteau)
  6. Volunteer in our Community (kitchen angels, food depot, or a homeless shelter)
  7. Watch performances at NDI and Pandemonium
  8. Go to a Fuego Game at Ft Marcy
  9. Visit Palace of the Governors / New Mexico History Museum
  10. Go to an event at the Lensic 
  11. Attend the Santa Fe Bandstand music series
  12. Go to the game room at Draft Station
  13. Check out the “All out Zone” on Cerrillos (arcade, laser tag, etc) 
  14. Go thrift store shopping 
  15. Pick a new café every week to try and go hang out
  16. Try a new restaurant in Santa Fe
  17. Visit the Chavez Center (pool, ice skating, and basketball)
  18. Visit an art theatre (Ex: Cocteau Art Theatre)  
  19. Sign up for a glass blowing class at Jackalope 
  20. Enjoy Music on the Hill at St. John’s field on Wednesday nights in the summer 
  21. Play Disc Golf - new and free at Ashbaugh Park and Monica Lucero Park 
  22. Watch other schools’ sports games (football, volleyball, lacrosse, etc.) 
  23. Check out the Artist’s Market
  24. Go skiing or snowboarding at Ski Santa Fe
  25. Go to an escape room
  26. Go to the MRC and check out a game (soccer, baseball, softball, and rugby)
  27. Go golfing
  28. Hang out at the mall go shopping or build with giant legos
  29. Go to a skate park and check out the talent
  30. Go bowling 
  31. Go fishing
  32. Go to a library (La Farge, Santa Fe Library, Southside Library)
  33. Take a drive to the overlook 
  34. Take a drive to Madrid 
  35. Go roller skating at Rockin’ Rollers
  36. Grab ice cream
  37. Join martial arts
  38. Get involved with Boy or Girl Scouts
  39. Go swimming
  40. Play sports at your school
  41. Join a tennis club or team
  42. Go workout at a gym
  43. Go to the archery range
  44. Attend a ceramics class 
  45. Visit Hyde Park
  46. Check out the Aspen Vista Trail
  47. Rent a Yurt in Hyde Park
  48. Go to a coffee shop
  49. Take a sewing / Knitting class
  50. Enroll in a robotics class
  51. Find and participate in a wood carving class
  52. Emergency Medical Training (Maybe in Schools)
  53. Learn about Bee Keeping, start a hive
  54. Attend a writing workshop
  55. Tutor different subjects at schools 
  56. Go bird watching
  57. Hang out at the Railyard
  58. Ride the Railrunner
  59. Check out movies, concerts, events at the Railyard
  60. Visit Site Santa Fe
  61. Volunteer at a Senior Living Center
  62. Visit the Bug Museum - Harrel's House of Bugs
  63. Glass Blowing at Liquid Light
  64. Attend Glorieta Community Day
  65. Grasshopper Canyon Hike
  66. Go for a hike at Tsankawi (Tent Rocks)
  67. On Christmas Eve walk Canyon Road and check out the Farolitos
  68. Have a picnic by the River
  69. Explore the Santa Fe River
  70. Visit the Folk Art Museum
  71. Attend the Folk Art Market
  72. Go for a walk on the River Trail
  73. Upstart Crows
  74. Register for classes at the Community College
  75. Learn how to play an instrument 
  76. Join a club at your school
  77. Check out the Southside Summer events
  78. Help clean up Santa Fe
  79. Get involved in your religion
  80. The Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary Center & Sanctuary
  81. Santa Fe flea market 
  82. Attend the Santa Fe Rodeo 
  83. Go to the Santa Fe fashion Outlets 
  84. Hike to Nambe falls 
  85. Visit the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens 
  86. Go horseback riding 
  87. Visit Ten Thousand Waves
  88. Visit the Salt Cave  
  89. Go to Ojo Caliente
  90. Check out El Rancho de las Golondrinas
  91. Warehouse 21
  92. Check out the Santa Fe Rock climbing gym
  93. Go to SWAN park
  94. Watch the sunrise/sunset at the Cross of the Martyrs 
  95. Invite friends to go hangout at a park 
  96. Attend Santa Fe Fiestas 
  97. Check out Indian Market 
  98. Attend Spanish Market 
  99. Go look at the leaves changing in Hyde Park
  100. Attend The Opera





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