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September 11, 2019
Mayor Webber Sponsors Resolution Calling For Support Of Global Climate Strike

Santa Fe 25-Year Sustainability Plan Mirrors Federal Green New Deal, Positions City as Most Sustainable In Country

On Wednesday, September 11, Santa Fe City Council will consider a resolution putting the City on record in declaring a “climate emergency,” pledging to support measures to address climate change, supporting a Global Climate Strike, and identifying a long list of measures the City has taken to put it at the forefront of the fight against climate change. In taking up the measure, the City will be joining with New Mexico Youth United for Climate Crisis Action (YUCCA), Santa Fe County, and a global movement designed to call world-wide attention to the crisis of human-caused climate change.


Sponsored by Mayor Alan Webber, the resolution is accompanied by a document, assembled by City of Santa Fe sustainability staff members, that offers an item-by-item comparison between the proposed federal Green New Deal and the City’s 25-Year Sustainability Plan. Dubbed “The City of Santa Fe 25-Year Sustainability Plan and the Green New Deal: A Comparison” the document points to the many programs, policies, and investments the City has already made to demonstrate its commitment to combat climate change.


“Santa Fe is positioned to be the most sustainable city in the country,” said Mayor Webber. “But that’s not good enough. We all need to work to save our planet. We need to do more at home, and then take the example we’re setting here and share it across the country.”


Among the actions the City has taken to demonstrate its commitment in support of sustainability and against climate change are:

  • Santa Fe has developed solar energy resources to power much of the wastewater and water systems. Approximately 25% of the City’s operations are solar powered.
  • Santa Fe Trails buses and most of the City’s solid waste trucks are powered by CNG, reducing emissions from these large vehicles.
  • Last year the City issued the State’s first Green Bond to finance an anaerobic digester at the wastewater treatment plant, generating renewable energy and meeting approximately 90% of the facility’s energy demand. 
  • Water Conservation efforts have reduced per capita water usage to among the lowest in the nation.   
  • The City is installing green infrastructure projects to capture and store storm water.
  • This year, the City will convert its street lights to LEDs, saving energy and improving efficiency.   
  • Santa Fe’s water planning has included the likely effects of climate change on available water resources, resulting in diversification of its water sources to maximize the resiliency of the water supply.


You can find the resolution and the City of Santa Fe Green New Deal Comparison Document at




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