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August 1, 2013
Mayor Proclaims August “Fly Santa Fe Month”

Mayor David Coss proclaimed this evening at the Santa Fe City Council meeting that August is “Fly Santa Fe Month.” The purpose of the proclamation is to remind residents that their hometown airport offers a variety of commercial flights.

The Mayor encourages Santa Feans to check flights out of their local Santa Fe Airport first.

 “I just returned from Mexico and my flight from Dallas landed in Santa Fe. It was so nice to get in my car and be home in less than 10 minutes,” said Mayor Coss

 Did you know that your local Santa Fe Municipal Airport offers commercial flights that can connect you to any travel destination in the world? With American Eagle, United Express, and Great Lakes making flights daily why not take the hassle out of flying and use your hometown airport. United Express currently flies Embraer 50-seat regional jets operated by ExpressJet non-stop from Santa Fe to Denver. Two flights are offered daily from Santa Fe to Denver, and two are also offered from Denver to Santa Fe. American Eagle, a subsidiary of American Airlines, flies 50-seat regional jets non-stop from Santa Fe to Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles (LAX). During the summer season, four flights are available each day from Santa Fe to Dallas/Fort Worth and four flights are available from Dallas/Fort Worth to Santa Fe. One flight is also available from Santa Fe to Los Angeles as well as one flight is available from Los Angeles to Santa Fe.

 Great Lakes flies turboprop airplanes non-stop from Santa Fe to Denver and Phoenix. One flight is available every day from Santa Fe to Denver, Denver to Santa Fe, Santa Fe to Phoenix, and Phoenix to Santa Fe. Prices on the flights are often comparable to larger airports and sometimes even less expensive. For example, a Great Lakes flight Santa Fe to Phoenix round trip departing August 16 and arriving August 18, according to internet search done on July 30, is priced at $213.30, while a Southwest flight from Albuquerque to Phoenix is priced at $364.00. When you plan your next trip make sure to check out these airlines’ flights out of Santa Fe. Flying directly from your hometown will save you time and stress while you help support your local economy.

 The full text of the proclamation is as follows:

 WHEREAS, The Santa Fe Municipal Airport provides hometown commercial flights at competitive prices that can connect to any destination in the world without the traditional frustration of large airports.

 WHEREAS, in the time it would take Santa Feans to drive, park, and board their flight at a larger airport they could already be enjoying their vacation or business trip.

 WHEREAS, the airport is an economic engine for the community that provides many jobs while also providing direct flights into Santa Fe that are more appealing to tourists and business travelers who can therefore spend more time and money in the City Different.

 WHEREAS, the airport provides a stress-free environment that allows patrons to have shorter wait times as well as hassle-free and affordable long and short term parking.

 WHEREAS, a trip to your hometown airport is as swift and calm as a trip to the grocery store with no time-consuming traffic that provides the comparable services to large airports without the stress.

 NOW THEREFORE, I DAVID COSS, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF SANTA FE, hereby proclaim August, 2013 as





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