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January 28, 2021
Lilian Montoya: Santa Fe is Prepared to Administer Vaccines in

Large Numbers When Supplies Arrive

The guest on yesterday’s Facebook WebberCast was Lilian Montoya, President and CEO of CHRISTUS St. Vincent. She talked with Mayor Webber about the all-hands-on-deck effort that CHRISTUS and the other medical providers in the region are collaborating on to ensure that the COVID vaccine gets into people’s arms as soon as possible.

The amount of information sharing in frequent meetings between experts who are fully engaged in this historic public health effort is impressive. “We’ve put communications on steroids,” said Montoya.

So despite an inevitable amount of confusion surrounding these early stages of the vaccine rollout from the federal to the local level, Santa Feans are urged to take comfort in knowing that capable, dedicated professionals like Ms. Montoya are coordinating their efforts, information, and resources.

Ms. Montoya said she’s “cautiously optimistic” that more vaccine is on the way and that when it arrives, Santa Fe is ready to proceed with a “complete community vaccination process.” Her team’s message to her: “We got this.”

Here’s what you need to know today:

  • The situation changes every day because the supply of vaccine the hospital receives every Monday is inconsistent, unpredictable, and insufficient to meet the demand.
  • Hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics are administering their allotments according to phased Department of Health guidelines. Right now, people 75 and older are the priority. But there are exceptions, so don’t judge younger people who get the vaccine, because you don’t know their particular circumstances.
  • Though there are several distribution pipelines, the Department of Health website is the place to register:
  • When your turns come up, show up for the appointments so the vaccine doesn’t go to waste.
  • While waiting your turn, exercise patience and kindness, because while all the various medical personnel are trying their utmost to vaccinate as many people as fast as they can, they are frustrated by working in “a scarcity environment.”
  • In the meantime, stick to the basics: Wear masks, keep your distance, stay in your bubble, wash and sanitize your hands, and stay safe, Santa Fe.

Tomorrow afternoon on the WebberCast on the Mayor Alan Webber Facebook page, Dr. Wendy Johnson will provide another update from her perspective as the Medical Director of La Familia.




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