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April 1, 2020
How to Get Things Done Without Coming to a City Building

The number one priority for slowing down the spread of Coronavirus is social distancing. We are encouraging residents to avoid going in person to City facilities. If you need a City service please call, email, or go online.  All of this information and more can be found at  

Short-Term Rental Permits Renewal 

Extension of Time to Renew Permits Under the City’s Short-Term Rental (STR) ordinance, the deadline to renew existing short-term rental permits was March 15, 2020, and permit holders may pay a late fee of fifty dollars ($50) to extend the time for filing to renew to April 15, 2020. In a continued effort to practice social distancing and encourage residents to do business online, by phone, or by mail, the City is granting permit holders an additional thirty (30) days to pay a late fee and obtain an extension. The new deadline for paying a late fee and filing a renewal application is May 15, 2020.  

Land Use - Building Permits, Applications, and Inspections (COVID-19)

  • Building Permit Applications Being Accepted By E-Mail and Online

    Santa Fe continues to move towards minimizing interpersonal contact while continuing to provide necessary services, including building permits. Starting April 6, Land Use will accept applications by email and online for building permit types as listed below.  Please visit  for instructions on permit application and issuance.

    By Email:

    • All Trade and Secondary permits*
    • All Primary permits required for construction of:

    (Priority will be given to Healthcare, Infrastructure and New Housing project types until current public health restrictions are lifted.)

    • New Commercial
    • New Multi-Family
    • New Residential
    • Residential and Commercial Additions and Remodeling (not including Express permits*)
    • Commercial Tenant Improvements
    • Accessory Dwelling Units
    • Accessory Structures
    • Signage
    • Solar*
    • Walls & Fences*
    • All Telecomm Permits

    Please contact Daniel Esquibel at [bot protected email address] regarding Telecomm permitting.

    * The City anticipates implementation of online permitting for Solar, Walls & Fences and Trade/Secondary permits in the coming weeks.                                                            


    In the event of a required emergency inspection without permit, please contact Bobby Padilla at [bot protected email address] or at (505)660-6047.

    All regular inspections are currently being scheduled and conducted until further notice.

    For business license certificates of compliance requests or status inquiries, please call Bobby Padilla at [bot protected email address] or at (505) 660-6047.

Business License Deadline Extended, Start Renewal Online

The deadline for business license renewals has been extended until March 31, 2020. Please start the renewal process online at For more information visit, or call 505-955-6551.


Effective Monday, March 30, 2020, the Santa Fe Municipal Court, 2511 Camino Entrada, will conduct all hearings telephonically or by video until further notice. 

Additional Municipal Court Information 

Senior Services - Meals on Wheels and Essential Medical Transportation Services

Contact Senior Services at 505-955-4700

Senior Van Transportation

Services will be limited to those who need a ride to medical appointments. If you need confirmation, you may call senior services transportation dispatch. The phone is 955-4700, or email Linda Quesada at [bot protected email address]

Santa Fe Ride (Bus Service Information)

Senior Applications (Available to City Residents 60 years and older)

  • Call 505-473-4444 and an application can be completed over the phone
  • The application will be processed in most instances the same day. 
  • Once processed the applicant will be issued an ID number and will be able to begin to schedule trips.  ID cards will be issued at a later date.  Fare per trip is $5.00 (Veterans ride for Free)
  • More information on this program can be found at:

ADA Paratransit Applications

  • Applications for this program need to be partially completed by a Healthcare Provider so we cannot complete these over the phone.
  • The Application can be downloaded online at: or we can email or mail them a copy of the application.  Call 505-473-4444 to request this.
  • Completed Applications can be submitted via Fax or Mail or email.
  • Once a completed application has been received the required Interview can be completed by Phone instead of in person.
  • Once eligibility for the program has been established, the applicant will be issued an ID number and will be able to begin to schedule trips.  ID cards will be issued at a later date.  Fare per trip is $2.00 (Veterans ride for Free)

Santa Fe Ride is an "origin to destination" service, and curb-to-curb transportation is the primary means by which service will be provided.

If you need additional information, alternative formats, or have any questions please feel free to contact Santa Fe Ride at (505) 473-4444

Obstruction of Streets Permit

City of Santa Fe Code, Chapter 23-1.4 states that any person desiring to place any obstruction on any public street, alley or way in the city shall make application to the public works department for a permit
to do so. 

This application is available online »

Questions - (505) 955-6637

Pay Water Bill or use the drop box for payment by the front door at the Water Division (801 W San Mateo Rd, Santa Fe, NM).

Questions [bot protected email address] or 505-955-4333

Pay Parking Ticket The Parking Division does not have a drop box for payment.

Question contact the Parking Division at 505-955-6581

Questions About:

  • Trash and Recycling: 505-955-2200 or [bot protected email address]
  • Bus Transit: 505-955-2001
  • Santa Fe Airport: Real time departure/arrivals times -
  • Santa Fe Municipal Court: 505 -955-5070

City Vendor / Payments

In order to provide faster and more secure payments during the COVID-19 public health emergency, and in the future, we are requesting that all of our vendors move away from printed checks and towards electronic payments.  The basis of this request is the desire to both streamline the payment processes and provide secure payment transfers between our financial institutions and those that the City's vendors utilize.   

Therefore, as a vendor who receives a printed check, we request that you switch to the electronic ACH process.  If you have registered as a vendor through the vendor self-service portal (, you can add your banking information within your account settings.  If, however, you did not, you can either create a profile at the link above using your current vendor number or you can fill out the attached vendor form and mail it to 200 Lincoln Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501, Attn: Nathan Salazar.  You may also drop it off at the Purchasing office at Cityhall  (same address).

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact Nathan Salazar at 505.490.1453 or at [bot protected email address]


In case of an Emergency: Dial 911
Non-emergency/dispatch: (505) 428-3710

Police Department

Online Reporting

For incidents such as minor motor vehicle crashes, thefts (when the value is $500 or less), harassing phone calls, vandalism, graffiti, accidental damage, illegal dumping,  burglaries with no suspect information, or other nonviolent crimes with no evidence or suspect information you can create a report online. To help determine if you should create an online report, please use the following criteria: 

  • The incident is not an emergency.
  • The incident occurred within the Santa Fe city limits.
  • There are no known suspects.
  • There is no video of the incident
  • This did not occur on a state highway or freeway.

If you agree with all five statements above, you are ready to file your report online.

Please use the online reporting system, Cop Logic (, or call the non-emergency dispatch number (505) 428-3710 and an Officer or Public Safety Aide will take your report over the phone.

If you disagree with any of the statements above and need additional information, please contact the Santa Fe Police Department at 505-428-3710

Request for Police Reports or Background Check

Requests for Police Reports from Records can be made by e-mailing your request to [bot protected email address] or sending your request via fax (505-955-5764).  Your request will be fulfilled via email, or standard mail at your request.  Customers will be invoiced for the cost of providing the records when the documents are provided. 

If you do not have internet access please contact Records Manager Maria Martinez at 505-955-5762 for assistance.

If you need to request a background check please email Dorothy Ortiz at [bot protected email address].  

Animal Services

Due to COVID -19 Animal Services will only be responding to priority calls. These calls include:

  • Injured animals
  • Animals posing an immediate threat to public safety
  • Animal bites
  • Protective custody cases
  • Bat inside a residence due to risk of rabies exposure

Animal Services will not be responding to:

  • Unrestrained animals
  • Dead animals
  • Barking dogs
  • Injured animals with the owner present
  • Welfare checks
  • Trapped animals that do not pose a threat to public safety

Animal Services calls can be reached at (505) 955-2701.

All other City related questions, comments, or concerns please contact Constituent Services at 505-955-6949.




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