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March 24, 2020
Extension of Time to Renew Short-Term Rental Permits

Under the City’s Short-Term Rental (STR) ordinance, the deadline to renew existing short-term rental permits was March 15, 2020, and permit holders may pay a late fee of fifty dollars ($50) to extend the time for filing to renew to April 15, 2020. In a continued effort to practice social distancing and encourage residents to do business online, by phone, or by mail, the City is granting permit holders an additional thirty (30) days to pay a late fee and obtain an extension. The new deadline for paying a late fee and filing a renewal application is May 15, 2020.  


How to submit application?

You can submit your application for renewal of your existing STR permit by mail or email. 

If renewing by mail, please submit your application and payment to the Short Term Rental Office address listed below. You will need to include a check with your application. In addition to the $50 late fee, you will need to submit the applicable renewal fee (the annual renewal fee is $325 for residential or accessory STR units, and $100 for non-residential or resort units). The check must have the address or license number of the unit location written in the memo field. 


The mailing address is:

Short Term Rental Office

City of Santa Fe

PO Box 909

Santa Fe, NM 87504-0909


For renewal by email, please email the application to [bot protected email address] and then mail a check to the Short Term Rental Office.

If you need to request an invoice, you can email [bot protected email address], or by voicemail message to 505-955-4663. An invoice will be mailed to you, along with instructions for making payment.

PLEASE NOTE – you may receive automated emails regarding the status of your renewal, however in all cases your new or renewed short term rental permit will be mailed to you via US Postal Service once payment is received.

What If I need assistance with my renewal application?

Assistance with Short Term Rental renewals and new applications is available by email to [bot protected email address], or by voicemail to 505-955-4663. During the current public health emergency, every effort will be made to complete the renewal and new application processes vial email, telephone, or online.


Where do I go for more info?

Information about the requirements for short term rental regulations is available on the city’s webpage at, including a link to the Short Term Rental Administrative Manual.


Who do I call/email with questions?

You may direct questions to [bot protected email address], or by voicemail to 505-955-4663. You can reach Division Director Greg Smith at 505-955-6684, or at [bot protected email address]


What about applications for new permits?

Applications for new short term rental permits will continue to be processed using the online application process. Use this link: Applications will be processed by city staff in the order they are received, and responses will be done primarily by email using the online processing application. New applications are not accepted by email, USPS, or in person (except by special arrangement made in advance with the Short Term Rental Office staff). For new applications, an invoice and instructions for payment will be emailed or mailed via USPS when payment for the application fee is due.





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