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February 17, 2020
Evidence Room Corrective Action Plan Progress Update


The City of Santa Fe Police Department is committed to making the necessary changes to the Evidence Room.  As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, the City will continue to release periodic updates, documenting our progress to the community. City and Police leadership have been meeting weekly since January 29 to move forward on the five action items contained in the Evidence Room Corrective Action Plan. 


  1. Modern Evidence Management Software
  2. Disposing of all inventory that can lawfully be discarded
  3. Adding additional staff to the Evidence Unit
  4. Improving security and access control to evidence holding areas
  5. Improving storage solutions in the evidence holding areas


During the week of February 17, 2020 a variety of items will start making their way through our committee process.  Specifically items one and four; these are items that are identified in the five key action plan items to help modernize and professionalize our evidence room practices. 

The Police Department is working to purchase modern management software and migrate old data to new software. An $86,000 contract with the vendor, Evidence OnQ is on the Finance Committee meeting on February 17; it will be on the Public Safety Agenda on February 18, Public Works Agenda on February 24 and then at City Council on February 26. 

A contract for $57,500 is being requested for a purging assistance program to clean out unneeded items from the evidence inventory.  The contract with a vendor is being finalized and work will begin once the contract is in place.

Evidence room personnel are being added, including a supervisor and three technicians. These positions are being developed and will be advertised on the City website. Additional updates will be provided as this process progresses. 

“The ultimate goal is to bring our Evidence Unit and the Police Department’s processes in line with industry standards and best practices identified by the International Association of Property and Evidence,” Said Police Chief Andrew Padilla.  He continued, “Our Department will continue to work towards accreditation status, the SFPD will manage evidence in accordance with the highest degree of professionalism.”



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