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August 1, 2018
Evening Flood Recovery Update

FEMA arrived today and provided damage assessment training to local teams and plans to partner with those attendees to perform assessments in the field this week.

City Damage Assessments: If you have submitted a request to the City EOC hotline for a damage assessment, be assured that your name has been added to the spreadsheet that we use for tracking work.

Crews are still out doing assessments around Santa Fe. Please exercise caution when driving and give wide berth to crews to protect worker safety.

Reporting Damage Outside City Limits: The Constituent Services hotline has received a number of calls requesting damage assessments for properties outside of the city. If you need to report damage to your property outside the city but in Santa Fe County, please contact Santa Fe County Fire Administration at 505-992-3070.

Weather: Rain chances will peak Wednesday evening, with some locally heavy rainfall possible. Stay tuned to National Weather Service - Albuquerque for up to the minute updates.

You may have heard this event referred to as a 1000-year flood. A 1000-year flood does not actually mean that it occurs only once in a thousand years. It means that statistically, there is a 0.1 percent chance of such a flood occurring in any given year. A 100-year flood, for comparison, has a 1 percent chance of occurring in any given year. Here is a good explanation of a 100-year flood from USGS to put this into perspective:

“The term "100-year flood" is used in an attempt to simplify the definition of a flood that statistically has a 1-percent chance of occurring in any given year. Likewise, the term "100-year storm" is used to define a rainfall event that statistically has this same 1-percent chance of occurring. In other words, over the course of 1 million years, these events would be expected to occur 10,000 times. But, just because it rained 10 inches in one day last year doesn't mean it can't rain 10 inches in one day again this year.”

Data Tracking: As of this writing, the Constituent Services Hotline had 302 requests for damage assessments, of which 166 have been completed (about 55%). Only one call was received from a business. We would like to stress that business are also eligible to request damage assessments and should call the hotline if they sustained damage in the flood.

Throughout the time the EOC has been open, Constituent Services has taken nearly 1250 calls (roughly four times normal volume), 490 of which were directly related to the recent flooding situation. Of the 490 flood-related calls, 302 were requests for damage assessments.

For the 166 completed assessments, here are the preliminary numbers:

11 structures were destroyed

51 structures sustained major damage

52 structures sustained minor damage

40 structures had damage but were deemed habitable

8 structures were not affected

4 structures were inaccessible.

External Resources: The MARC has ceased operations but the participating agencies may be contacted directly at the following numbers


American Red Cross 505-424-1611

Southern Baptist Disaster Services 505-218-0630

Salvation Army 505-988-8054


Contact: Matt Ross, Public Information. (505) 955-6045, [bot protected email address].




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