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October 12, 2020
City of Santa Fe Update Regarding the Obelisk (10/12/2020)


“The actions and violence that broke out on the Plaza today that led to the wanton destruction of the Obelisk was completely unacceptable. That’s not how we do things in Santa Fe. It is not only a violation of the law, it is a violation of the ties between people in our community. So many people have abided by the law, there is no place in Santa Fe for this type of behavior. There is no place for people taking the law into their own hands. There is no place for people destroying historic monuments on their own,” said Mayor Webber.  Mayor Webber provided a statement via his Facebook account it is available on Facebook and on the City’s YouTube Channel 

The Governing Body convened at 5 p.m. for an Emergency Meeting to discuss the actions of today and the weekend.  The meeting was available live on the City’s YouTube channel.  To view the Emergency Meeting visit the City’s YouTube Channel at

With regard to the Obelisk itself, there are a variety of legal issues under review in the City Attorney’s office. Everyone should acknowledge that these situations are complex and the issues we’re engaged with are complicated.  We know individuals want to be heard. There is work underway to review the legal issues surrounding the removal or preservation of statues and monuments that are in public places. There is also work going on to review different approaches to a task force or working group that can undertake a community-wide discussion around statues and monuments, histories and cultures. A recommendation should be forthcoming soon.

The City of Santa Fe Police Department had six officers on the plaza today for the scheduled peaceful demonstration.  The Police Department had no intelligence or information that would have led them to believe the demonstration would become destructive or violent. The Police Department has consistently maintained a protocol that values life over property. Having seen other demonstrations around the country turn violent and lead to serious injury or loss of life, the police used that protocol in this situation. A handful of individuals became destructive. Two officers were attacked and all officers exited the plaza, gathered resources, collaborated with New Mexico State Police and the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, and then moved forward to re-deploy to the Plaza area.  Tonight the remaining pieces of the obelisk were gathered and will be stored in a safe location.   

At this time two male individuals have been arrested.

·         Dylan Wrobel, age 27: Battery on a Peace Officer, resisting an officer 

·         Sean Sunderland, age 24: Resisting an Officer, and Criminal Trespass

If anyone has information related to the individuals that climbed onto the obelisk, tied ropes, or pulled it down. Please contact Captain Tapia at [bot protected email address] or 505-955-5286.




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