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July 26, 2017
BTAC Approves Win-Win Scenario for Trail at The Reserve

BTAC Approves Win-Win Scenario for Trail at The Reserve


East side trail alignment, adjusted ramp location, lower elevation at arroyo, and a commitment to work together wins support of both City staff, Reserve engineers and representatives



July 25, 2017

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SANTA FE – At a meeting of the Bicycle Trails Advisory Committee the City of Santa Fe and representatives of the Reserve came together and agreed on adjustments to the proposed design and route of the Canada Rincon trail, a city public works project to upgrade the city’s bicycle infrastructure by making a major connection in the City’s Urban Trail System.


Currently, bicyclists and pedestrians have to use major traffic byways and private parking lots to move between downtown and the Reserve, Las Estrellas neighborhoods, Tano Road and more. The Canada Rincon trail, once completed, will provide residents an alternative mode of walking or biking downtown that helps them avoid major roads and private property.

Concerns were raised by residents of the Reserve, centered on their desire to see the trail take a western path around the complex, the height of the ramp and other design issues. After robust public involvement at the public meetings and behind the scenes through communications to council and staff, meetings set up to reach an agreement were productive, leading to a consensus plan approved by BTAC at their most recent meeting.

BTAC Chairman Councilor Joseph Maestas said, “We always do better when we work together – and advisory committees like BTAC are designed to create exactly this kind of consensus result. The community should be proud of the way our committee, staff and residents of the area worked together to accomplish a major upgrade in our urban trail system that will make biking and walking a safer and more pleasurable experience for everyone.”


The updated design will modify the ramp to place it along the northern boundary of the Reserve and limit its height to minimize impact on residents. It will introduce a landscape buffer and plantings to screen the Reserve and the trail, and staff have committed to work with the Reserve throughout the design process.


The project is still in its proposal stage, but if approved will be designed by Wilson & Company at a cost of $89,000.





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