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May 6, 2015
‘Brickface Hope’ sculpture finds new home at Santa Fe River Park

The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission is pleased to announce that a sculpture by artist James Tyler entitled Brickface Hope, has been loaned to the City of Santa Fe through the Art on Loan Program.  A unique collaboration between the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission and New Mexico Arts, a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, the architectural clay sculpture is part of the permanent collection of the Art in Public Places Program at New Mexico Arts.  The location at Santa Fe River Park across from the Inn of the Alameda ensures that many Santa Fe visitors and residents alike enjoy this public artwork that is part of the cultural patrimony of our state.  On loan through June 2017, the artwork creates a sense of place in the beautifully designed and landscaped Santa Fe River Park.  The Arts Commission is delighted to partner with the New Mexico Arts on this special loaned work.

About the work from the artist:

Brickface HOPE is a colossal ceramic brick face that invites the public to consider the world's many sculptural heritages. Reminiscent perhaps of the temple carvings of Angkor Wat or the great Olmec heads of Central America, there is an intentionally timeless quality about the sculpture; a contemporary relic of a civilization not yet past. A single word is carved into many of the blocks- HOPE. And in this one word we find a clear bold statement about the universally shared aspirations of all of humanity, but also perhaps a call for cautionary reflection, as we each individually pursue our collective future.

Hand built, the work is a one of a kind sculpture, constructed with a heavily grogged high fire red stoneware specifically designed for use in exterior architectural ornamentation. Variation in color occurs during the firing process. The blocks are assembled using 316 stainless steel pins and pc-7 epoxy.


The Arts Commission would like to thank all individuals involved in this unique Art on Loan opportunity.  We are grateful to the support of New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and their Public Art Coordinator Michelle LaFlamme-Childs; the City of Santa Fe Parks Division, with special thanks to Rob Carter, Richard Thompson, and Christopher Ortiz; and Henry Muchmore of Art Handlers Ltd., for coordination and installation of the new loaned work.  The River Park was designed by Surroundings in Santa Fe and the site was selected with help from Founding Partner and Principal Kenneth Francis.

For further information, about the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission visit the website at or telephone 505-955-6707.






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