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March 9, 2022
$11 Million+ Budget Adjustments Memo

FY22 Budget Adjustment Memo

  • Tonight the Governing Body approved investments of over $11 million in critical operational needs for the City using additional Gross Receipts Taxes and Lodgers Tax revenue and savings from vacant positions.
  • First it’s important to recognize that the overall City financial picture as of December 2021 is more optimistic than expected when the FY22 budget was adopted close to a year ago in April 2021.
  • The optimism is largely driven by better-than-expected GRT and Lodgers Tax revenue collection in the first half of the fiscal year as Santa Fe’s strong economic recovery continues and revenue derived from the new internet sales tax is exceeding expectations.
  • The investments approved tonight will allow us to continue to deliver the high-quality essential services the people of Santa Fe deserve.
  • These citywide investments promote livability and sustainability and reaffirm our commitment to our entire community’s quality of life—our parks, recreation centers, streets and roadways.
  • $1 million for eviction prevention.
    • The City will distribute direct assistance to help prevent a potential flood of evictions in Santa Fe.
  • $1 million to fund improvements in various City Parks.
    • $400 thousand for Tennis Court Construction and Resurfacing
    • $120 thousand for New gates at parks at Fort Marcy, Cross of the Martyrs and others
    • $60 thousand for Sod for Plaza Lawns
    • $90 thousand for MRC Effluent Irrigation Pump Replacement
    • $320 thousand for MRC and Golf Course Bathroom Repairs
    • $50 thousand for Replacement of Median Mowers
  • $1 million to fund pavement rehabilitation and maintenance.
  • $500 thousand to fund traffic signal control cabinet replacement.
  • $3 million to fund new Police vehicles
    • Will fund the purchase of 42 Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid vehicles and the corresponding equipment and installation costs.
  • $300 thousand to fund additional advertising to strengthen visitation to Santa Fe as we rebound from the pandemic.
  • $300 thousand to fund investments in our Arts and Culture across Santa Fe
    • Includes a citywide Community Gallery exhibition, arts education, Cultural Investment Funding Program and Culture Connects focused projects and programming.
  • $250 thousand to fund feasibility study and architectural plans for El Lucero Crossing LEDA manufacturing expansion.
  • $582 thousand to fund audit preparation support for on time FY22 Audit.
  • $350 thousand to fund Rail Corridor Safety and Railyard Platform #2 Design.
  • $1.5 million to fund Paint Striping Truck Replacement and road markings, signal heads and signage.
    • This truck is used to refresh road markings on streets across the City of Santa Fe.
    • Crosswalks markings are faded and need to be replaced. Bicycle lane markings and signage are faded and missing. Pedestrian and traffic signal heads are not functioning properly.  Road signs across the city are faded and damaged. Purchase materials and install new markings, signs and signal heads.  
  • $1.4 million to fund repairs and upgrades at various City facilities
    • $150 thousand for Genoveva Chavez Community Center HVAC Replacement
    • $150 thousand for Ft. Marcy Deck and Drains
    • $300 thousand to provide COVID safe work environments in City facilities
    • $300 thousand for an Assessment, Programming and Conceptual design for Central Library at Fogelson
    • $50 thousand for Downtown Brick Walkways
    • $50 thousand for BC Pool Security
    • $40 thousand for the a Kiosk at Municipal Court
    • $300 thousand for City Wide Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Roof Repairs
    • $100 thousand for La Farge Security and Facility Repairs





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