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April 9, 2021
$100 Million to City Partner Housing Organization

Community Solutions, Owner of Santa Fe Suites,
Celebrates with Mayor Webber and Local
Homeless Advocates

The City of Santa Fe is thrilled to announce that the MacArthur Foundation awarded a $100 million grant to partner organization Community Solutions to accelerate an end to homelessness in 75 U.S. communities by 2026. 

Community Solutions will use the $100 million grant to implement and scale Built for Zero, a national coalition of communities using a data-driven public health approach to measurably end homelessness by bringing community partners together in a systematic way.

Led by Mayor Webber, the City joined Built for Zero in 2019, in partnership with the NM Coalition to End Homelessness. A coalition of partners, including Lifelink, Interfaith, St. Elizabeth Shelters and Supportive Housing, and Anchorum, have been working to implement the Built for Zero methodology. 

In December 2020, the City contributed $2 million toward the purchase by Community Solutions of Santa Fe Suites to provide more than 120 people a safe place to live. This extended-stay residence is currently providing its tenants, many of whom are housing-insecure, access to critical social services and community services. Community Solutions designated St. Elizabeth as the operator.

Jamie Schleck, Chief Chief Financial Officer of Community Solutions, joined Mayor Webber, Ed Archuleta of St. Elizabeth, Hank Hughes of the Coalition to End Homelessness, and Acting Community Health and Safety Director Kyra Ochoa at St. Elizabeth to celebrate the award and discuss its potential implications and opportunities for Santa Fe and the national campaign against homelessness. The term "game changer" was used more than once.

"Santa Fe has been proactive, creative, and innovative," said Schleck. "They've developed an intervention that should be considered throughout the country."

Says Mayor Webber: "Our friends at Built For Zero just were awarded $100 million and their CFO is in Santa Fe at the moment that the announcement is being made. We’re excited that we’re part of the coalition—Santa Fe Suites happened because of our close working relationship with their organization, and now we are excited for them—and for the chance to see what kinds of possibilities we can imagine with them in light of this new amazing award."

Built for Zero is a national initiative of 80 cities and counties that have committed to measurably ending homelessness, one population at a time. It is led by Community Solutions, a nonprofit that works to create a lasting end to homelessness that leaves no one behind. Using a data-driven methodology, these communities have changed how local homeless response systems work and the impact they can achieve. Thirteen communities have reached functional zero, and 44 communities have achieved a measurable reduction. Quicken Loans is the leading sponsor of Built for Zero. Learn more here and at




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