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MRC Sports Complex Application Form

MRC Sports Complex Permit Agreement

There are errors that need correction below

Fee Schedule (additional fee requirements may apply). The fee schedule to your right, can serve as an estimate of fees charged for your league, tournament or special event.

When your permit is approved, fees that apply will be charged, make checks payable to: MRC/City of Santa Fe. You can mail a check or drop-off at the MRC Administrative Office.

Attn: Jennifer Romero
MRC/Golf Course Manager
205 Caja del Rio Road
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Name of Insurance Company (please provide proof of insurance) *Listing the City of Santa Fe as co-insurer is required

Indemnification: The applicant shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the City from all losses, damages, claims, or judgements on account of any suit, judgement, execution, claim, action or demand whatsoever arising from applicant's use of the City's land or right-of-way under this special use permit as well as the use of such land or right-of-way by applicant's employees agents, representatives or subcontractors, including payments of all attorneys' fees and costs. I have read and agree to indemnify the City, and to abide by the regulations governing this request as stated in Sections 23-4.7, 18-8, 23-4.8-11, SFCC 1987.
Applicants for use of City of Santa Fe Parks Division shall follow and be subject to the procedures, requirements and restrictions adopted by the governing body. (Ord.#1981-39s 3; SFCC 1981s 4-7-11; Ord.#1987-10s 2; Resolution no. 1990-3.)

1.    Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages on public property owned and controlled by the city shall be prohibited.
2.    It is unlawful for any person, activity, event, league, etc. other than duly authorized employees or officers of the city be in or on any park or recreational area within the city between the hours of 10:00PM and 6:00AM of any day, except when organized activities are scheduled by approval of the City Parks Division Director, whichever is applicable.

3.    Riding animals (horses) or driving motorized vehicles in city parks recreation facilities is unlawful within the limits of any city park grounds, except on designated roadways or as authorized by the city.

4.    Solicitation on Public Property. The practice by itinerant vendors or solicitors of going onto public property for the purpose of soliciting money or for the sale of goods, wares and merchandise or for the purpose of disposing of the same shall be considered a nuisance and punishable under Section 1-3 SFCC 1987/

5.    Fires in Parks and Recreational Areas. It is unlawful to start or maintain a fire in parks and recreational areas, except in designated areas or containers or as permitted by the City Parks Division Director.

6.    Parks; Other Prohibited Activities. Within any park, it is unlawful to:

A.    Camp or lodge therein, without first having obtained a permit therefore from the City Parks Division Director. No overnight campers, trailers, etc.

B.    Drive or hit golf balls (Exception: Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe golf course).

C.    Wear any footgear except tennis shoes on tennis courts;

D.    Roller skate, skateboard, ride bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, any motorized vehicles, or animals on the tennis courts;

E.    Amplify music, or public address systems, unless authorized by Code Enforcement Division; or the use of loudspeakers for voice projection and transmission, unless authorized by the City Manager. The use of public address systems for scheduled athletic events will only be authorized by the Parks Division Director.

F.    It is unlawful to permit dogs in the streets or public places unless on a secure leash not exceeding eight feet in length and under the immediate physical control of the person having custody thereof. No dog, cat or other member of the canine or feline families is allowed upon a public playground or on the premises of a public swimming pool or upon a school yard.

The above provisions do not apply when such an animal is in a bona fide animal show or training program authorized by law or appropriate school authority, or assistance dogs.

7.    All parks or weather related conditions maintenance that effect park conditions and safety will have preference over scheduled activities, events, leagues, etc.

8.    Park landscaping, electrical, structural, etc. changes or alterations are not allowed without prior approval from the Parks Division Director.

9.    Vehicles are not allowed within park premises for loading, parking, etc., without prior approval from the Parks Division Director.

10.    Parks users are directly responsible for grounds cleanup, activity attendants, players, etc.

11.    Parks Division Special use Permits will only be issued on Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.




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