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Memorials - Monuments - Markers Inventory

The following is a working list of memorials, monuments and markers to historic events/people on City property. The list was compiled by various City departments, site visits and existing inventories. The criteria for inclusion were:

  • Memorials are structures or objects designed to preserve the memory of a person or event; monuments are statues or other structures erected to commemorate notable persons or events; markers are signs or objects that show the location, presence or existence of an historic site or person, excluding donor/supporter acknowledgements.
  • Historic is 50 or more years old (i.e. pre-1967).
  • Memorials, monuments and markers must be in/on land (parks, trails, etc.), buildings and/or real property (benches, signs, etc.), excluding streets, owned by the City of Santa Fe.
  • Special events List

The intent of this effort is to create a complete inventory of historic memorials, monuments and markets as an informational resource for civic leaders and the community.

Public comment on this list closed 12/31/17. Thank you for your interest.


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Type Year Title Location
Sculpture 1988 Homage to the Burro LoBurro Alley at San Francisco Street
Mural 1989 Acequia Madre Acequia Madre Elementary School
Mural 1989 New Mexico Quilt Oliver LaFarge Library, entry way
Mural 1989 Recuerdos del Pasado Located at the Mary Esther Gonzales Senior Center dining room
Mural 1989 Recuerdos y Suenos de Santa Fe City Hall, Land Use entrance
Sculpture 1992 The Founding of Santa Fe Peralta Park, Grant & Paseo de Peralta
Structure 1993 El Torreon de El Torreon Located at Torreon Park
Sculpture 1994 El Diferente Located at Macaione Park
Mural 1995 Judicial History of Santa Fe Located at the Municipal Court Building
Mural 1995 Untitled--Riverside Park Mural Riverside Park, Alto Street
Mural 1996 Remedios Located at La Familia Medical Center
Mural 1997 It's All Just a Book Away La Farge Library
Sculpture 1997 St. Francis Located at Adam Gabriel Armijo Park
Mural 1999 Genoveva Chavez Genoveva Chavez Center
Stone Monument 2002 Japanese Internment Camp Remembrance Site Frank Ortiz Park
Sculpture 2002 Santa Fe Cathedral Park and Monument Cathedral Park
Sculpture 2003 Journey's End Located on Museum Hill
Structure 2003 Trail of Dreams, Trail of Ghosts (1) Located at DeVargas Park
Structure 2003 Trail of Dreams, Trail of Ghosts (2) Located at Frenchy's Field
Structure 2004 La Acequia Located at Las Acequias Park
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