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Memorials - Monuments - Markers Inventory

The following is a working list of memorials, monuments and markers to historic events/people on City property. The list was compiled by various City departments, site visits and existing inventories. The criteria for inclusion were:

  • Memorials are structures or objects designed to preserve the memory of a person or event; monuments are statues or other structures erected to commemorate notable persons or events; markers are signs or objects that show the location, presence or existence of an historic site or person, excluding donor/supporter acknowledgements.
  • Historic is 50 or more years old (i.e. pre-1967).
  • Memorials, monuments and markers must be in/on land (parks, trails, etc.), buildings and/or real property (benches, signs, etc.), excluding streets, owned by the City of Santa Fe.
  • Special events List

The intent of this effort is to create a complete inventory of historic memorials, monuments and markets as an informational resource for civic leaders and the community.

Public comment on this list closed 12/31/17. Thank you for your interest.


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Type Year Title Location
Stone Monument John Griego Vietnam Veterans Park Plaque Griego Park
Plaque Spiegelburg Memorial Railyard
Stone Monument 1868 American Indian War Memorial (aka Obelisk) Plaza
Stone Monument 1901 Annexation of New Mexico East Palace and Old Santa Fe Trail
Stone Monument 1901 Kearney Monument Plaza Area
Stone Monument 1910 End of the Santa Fe Trail Plaza, San Francisco & Old Santa Fe Trail
Structure 1959 Locomotive No. 5030 Salvador Perez Park
Plaque 1960 National Historic Landmark Designation Lincoln Ave & West Palace Ave
Stone Monument 1968 Ten Commandments Fire Station #3
Structure 1974 The Spitz Clock Lincoln Ave & West Palace Ave
Plaque 1975 USS Santa Fe CL-60 Plaza, San Francisco & Lincoln
Structure 1976 Hitching Post at the End of the Trail Washington Ave and East Palace
Sculpture 1977 Untitled--Tri-Culture Sculpture Entrance to Santa Fe Municipal Airport
Plaque 1978 Oliver LaFarge Plaque LaFarge Library
Stone Monument 1980 Don Juan Bautista de Anza De Vargas Park, South Guadalupe
Sculpture 1980 San Francisco de Assisi South lawn of City Hall
Wall Display 1980 Untitled--Three panel quilt Santa Fe Convention Center, Ballroom prefunction
Plaque 1985 Artist Walk of Fame Sidewalks in front of Museum of Fine Arts, Palace & Lincoln avenues
Sculpture 1985 Cross of the Martyrs and Commemorative Walkway Paseo de Peralta @ Otero/Hillside
Structure 1988 Harvey Hiram Cornell Fountain Cornell Park
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