Juvenile Justice Program

Juvenile justice

The Santa Fe Regional Juvenile Justice Board (SFRJJB) is a sanctioned planning board by the City of Santa Fe.  The Board is served by community members from diverse backgrounds who are appointed by the Mayor and City Council.

The SFRJJB is one of twenty continuum sites state wide.  All of the sites are funded through the State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OFFPD).

Program planning, service integration, data analysis and program evaluation are some of the functions of the SFRJJB.  All of the programs that the Board implements are all alternative to detention progams and/or serve youth at risk.  The SFRJJB is also collaborating with the City of Santa Fe Children and Youth Commission to enhance ongoing and upcoming projects.

Intensive Community Monitoring (ICM)

The ICM Program has been in existence for 15 years.  This program plays an important role with youth who are in the juvenile justice system.

ICM Program receives referrals from the First Judicial District Children's Court Judge who are on interim status awaiting final disposition.  The ICM monitor supervises youth from three to eight weeks and possible up to six months.  While in the program the youth receives life skills training, advocacy for school, and guidance on decision making and mentoring.  Once a youth is adjudicated in court they are then placed on probation.  ICM has a very high success rate with youth to complete their probation with positive results.

Educational Re-Engagement Specialist (ERS):

This program is designed to help youth transition back into a school or educational setting.  All of the participants either come from detention or a residential treatment center.  The ERS helps the youth transition back into a home school or an educational setting, Vo-tech or a GED program.  The ERS knows how to navigate the system to get the youth back into what their educational needs might be.  Once a youth is placed into the program they are followed up to six months to make sure the transition is working.  If not the youth is re-evaluated to see what type of setting will work.

Communities in Schools (CIS):

A national program working with disadvantaged students throughout the Santa Fe School district.  Cesar Chavez Elementary School is the target school for their program.  This program provides prevention services to the students and families.  Services include tutoring, attendance at school, promotion to the next grade and following the student through their academic carrier.  Other services provided are mental health and behavioral health services, food, legal help for immigrants, clothing and other issues families may need support in. CIS is in the schools where high poverty in prevalent and helps alieve the issues that these students and families are dealing with.



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