Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

City of Santa Fe IPM Program

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a decision‑making process for managing pests that uses monitoring to determine pest injury levels and primarily uses cultural, mechanical, physical, and biological tools to minimize health, environmental, and financial risks. The method uses extensive knowledge about pests, such as infestation thresholds, life histories, environmental requirements and natural enemies to complement and facilitate biological and other natural control of pests. The method uses the least toxic synthetic pesticides only as a last resort to manage pests.

The Goal of IPM

The goal of IPM is not to eradicate pests, but to eliminate pest problems by strengthening and stabilizing the landscape so that conditions are more favorable for plants than for pests.  By using scouting and monitoring practices for pests  (insects, other arthropods, weeds, pathogens or vertebrates), actions to suppress population levels can be made in a timely manner, using a combination of the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective tactics available.

  • Preserving naturally occurring predators such as lady bird beetles is important in the pest management process.

IPM Decision-Making Steps:

  1. Identify the pest
  2. Determine pest densities
  3. Select one or more management options (prevention, cultural control, mechanical control, biological control, chemical control or no control warranted)
  4. Implement management options
  5. Evaluate the success of management options
  6. Record results

Notice of Pesticide Application

The IPM Program Manager will give up to 72 hours prior notice of pesticide application along with a description of area  or areas that will receive a pesticide application.Pesticide applications will be cancelled or postponed  if weather conditions are not favorable for application including excessive winds or a precipitation event.

***A pesticide application is scheduled for Friday, August 18, 2017 at 8:00 am at the Santa Fe Community Convention Administration Offices. Two offices will be treated for Odorous House Ants with Advion Ant Gel Bait.

 Trade name:  Advion Ant Gel

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Indoxacarb…0.05%

EPA REG. NO. 352-746

Signal Word: Caution

Use rate: 0.75 grams

Other control actions attempted have included mechanical trapping, sanitation, and exclusion.
Pesticide application will be by New Mexico Pest Control, NMDA License No. 1.

 ***A pesticide application is scheduled for Saturday, July 1, 2017 at 4:00 am and July 5-7, 2017 at 4:00 am at the City of Santa Fe Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe golf course. Bunker complexes will be treated for broadleaf weeds (common dandelion, broadleaf plantain, narrow leaf plantain, spurge, knot weed) with the herbicide, Speed Zone.

Trade name: Speed Zone


Carfentrazone- ethyl...................0.62%

2,4-D, 2 ethylhexyl ester...........28.57%

Mecoprop-p acid.........................5.88%

Dicamba acid……………………………..1.71%

INERT INGREDIENTS: ................ 63.22%

EPA REG. NO. 2217-833

Signal Word: Caution

Use rate 3 pints/ acre

Other control actions attempted have included mechanical control (hand-pulling, string trimmers, hoeing).
Herbicide application will be by IPM Program Manager, Victor Lucero, NMDA License number 64386.

***A pesticide application is scheduled for May 24, 2017 at 9:00 am in greenhouses 1 and 2 at the City of Santa Fe horticulture yard to treat petunias for foliar fungal mildew complex.
The fungicide Bonide Copper Fungicide, active ingredient Copper Sulfate, EPA Registration Number 4-58, applied at a rate 8 ounces per 3 gallons water of finished foliar spray will be used to treat fungal mildew complex Erysiphales spp. on petunias.
Other control actions attempted have included the use of sterile soil, sterile planting baskets, air and water management, and removal of infected plant parts.
Fungicide application will be by IPM Program Manager, Victor Lucero, NMDA License number 64386.


Pesticide Application Hotline, 955-2121

IPM City Ordinance

City of Santa Fe IPM Ordinance: City Code Chapter X Section 10-7(Click Here)

City of Santa Fe IPM Newsletter  “The Loupe” [pdf]

/media/files/Parks__Recreation/Pests of Concern in Our Urban Forest-A Summary of Key Pests.pdf

IPM Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]


IPM Annual Reports and Supporting Documents

City of Santa Fe IPM Annual Report 2015-2016 - WIth Listing of Past Applications [PDF]
New Mexico Department of Agriculture – Pesticide Compliance Inspection 2014-2016 [PDF]
IPM Reduced Risk Pesticide List  [PDF]

IPM  and related Links:


Contact Information

Victor S. Lucero
IPM Program Manager
Office: 505-955-2117
Cell: 505-795-4529
Email: [bot protected email address]




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