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Heritage Preservation Awards

heritage preservation Awards                                                                                           

Each year the City of Santa Fe, in partnership with the Historic Santa Fe Foundation and the Old Santa Fe Association, presents Heritage Preservation Awards in recognition of outstanding achievements in historic preservation and design and in archaeology within the City of Santa Fe. Nominations for 2021 run February through March. The ceremony is generally held during Historic Preservation Month, May 2021. However, this will be dependant on the health crisis situation for the year of 2021. The City recognizes the importance of recognizing those who have done outstanding work in our Historic Community and will present awards for this work.


2021 Heritage Preservation Awards Nomination Form and Instructions



Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Heritage Preservation

Awardee:               Santa Fe Living Treasures Program

Recipients:            Committee members: JB Pena, Ginny Tape, Nancy Dahl, Jody Soper, Margaret Wood, Feicity Broennan, Genevieve Russell, Sara Kennedy, Marty Dobyns, Maria Skolnik, Richard McCord, and John Barker

Founded by the late Mary Lou Cook, Santa Fe Living Treasures was a valuable community resource for 35 years, honoring Santa Fe elders who have contributed so much, in so many varied ways, to the fabric of our entire community. Their work has consistently acknowledged the importance of Santa Fe’s culture and the contributions of the aged-70 and older women and men, who, from all walks of life and from all parts of our multi-cultural mix, have, during the course of their inspiring lives, given enormously and contributed generously and creatively to our special city in ways too numerous to mention. Almost everyone in Santa Fe has known a friend or neighbor who has been honored by the Living Treasures group. This award is particularly timely, as 2020 will be the first year that Santa Fe Living Treasures will not be giving awards, since the organization can no longer continue their mission.


Cultural Preservation Award
For outstanding examples of work toward the preservation and understanding of Santa Fe’s unique cultural heritage.

Project:                 ¡Presente! Stories of Belonging and Displacement in Santa Fe 

Recipients:            Littleglobe, Inc., Lensic Performing Arts Center, Chainbreaker Collective, Earth Care, Capital High School, Searchlight New Mexico, City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department/Culture Connects, McCune Charitable Foundation, New Mexico Arts, Adobe Inc., Amblin Partners/Storyteller Distribution/New Mexico Film Office, Dan and Ashlyn Perry Charitable Foundation, Max and Anna Levinson Foundation, Aaron Stern, Diane Karp, Michael and Andrea Gross

¡Presente! is a conversation which animates grief and hope: a series of multi-arts stage performances and cross-sector partnerships that aims to have a profound community-controlled impact on Santa Fe’s civil discourse and policy making.¡Presente! is a multi-disciplinary collaborative project, focused on collecting and artistically sharing personal histories and current reflections on displacement and belonging, culminating in multi-media performances throughout the city. Created in collaboration with dozens of Santa Fe community members from a wide variety of backgrounds, histories and perspectives and many cross-sector partners, ¡Presente! artistically shares stories of home and belonging as the grounding for a City-wide dialog and exploration of the future of our town and how we develop into the future without displacing the rich tapestry of people that make up Santa Fe’s residents. ¡Presente! 2019 culminated in two multimedia performances: one at Capital High School (in partnership with Earth Care) for students and teachers that was followed by student-led discussions; and one at the Lensic Performing Arts Center in front of an audience of over 800 people!


City of Santa Fe Sara Melton Award

For Sensitive Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Project:                 1100 Old Santa Fe Trail (National Park Service Regional Headquarters Building)

District:                 Downtown and Eastside Historic District

Recipients:            National Park Service; Charles Vickrey, Ken Hornback and Dennis Brookie, project managers; MW Morrisey Construction, Oden Construction, Wiss, Janney Elstner Associates, Avanyu General Contracting and All-Rite Construction, contractors; and major contributors Aaron Roth, AJ Riddles, Adrian Vigil, Amy Cole, Elizabeth Pidgeon, Fielding Link, Lauren Meyer, James Mason, Amy Pallante, Tef Rodeffer, Dana Senge, Paige Hoskins, Brenda McLain, Patrick Walsh, Tara Riggs, Tammy Gallegos, Meghan Braunschweig, Jason Longshore, State Historic Preservation Officer Jeff Pappas, Lynette Pollari, Pilar Cannizzar, and the Historic Santa Fe Foundation

In 2018, the NPS embarked upon a $42 million restoration of the Regional III Headquarters Office Building on Old Santa Fe Trail. The structure was constructed in the late 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and stands as the largest adobe office building still in use. The CCC, via the Works Progress Administration, was a Depression/New Deal-era government program to provide jobs for young unemployed men. The structure was completed by 1941 and was designed in Spanish-Pueblo Revival style by architect Cecil Doty and landscape architect Harvey Cornell.


Architectural Preservation Award
For outstanding examples of restoration or rehabilitation of a designated historic property.

Project:                 853 E. Palace Avenue (former Palace Grocery building)

District:                  Downtown and Eastside Historic District

Recipients:            Sharon and Ted Lusher, property owners; Thomas Lechner, architect; Amanda Sigler, designer/contributor; Irene and Lloyd Martinez, Edificio Builders, contractor

The modest commercial building at 853 East Palace Avenue served as the Palace Grocery for nearly 50 years, from its construction in the early 1960s through its closing in 2007. Meliton and Yolanda Vigil owned and operated the beloved neighborhood grocery store for this entire period, and their family residence was next door at 855 East Palace Ave. In 2017, the Vigil estate requested a status review, and the HDRB made the structure contributing to the Downtown and Eastside District, and they subsequently sold the property. In 2018, Ted and Sharon Lusher (owners) and Tom Lechner (architect) received approval from the HDRB to renovate and restore the building, with the requirement that the historic “Palace Grocery” sign be maintained. Ted and Sharon have been involved in the Santa Fe community for 35 years and are thrilled to act a stewards for this treasured piece of Santa Fe’s history.


Compatible Remodel Award
For outstanding examples of remodeling that harmonizes with streetscape or brings building into better compliance.

Project:                 908 Old Santa Fe Trail (Bronson Cutting House)

District:                 Downtown and Eastside Historic District

Recipients:            JC and Christy Butler, homeowners; Lorn Tryk, architect; Sharon Woods and Woods Construction, contractor

 The Bronson Cutting House at 908 Old Santa Fe Trail was designed by Thomas MacLaren for Bronson M Cutting (a US Senator representing NM from 1927 to 1935) in 1910 in the Spanish Colonial Revival style with classical baroque elements including curvilinear corniced papapets, wooden shell and glass lunettes, and applied pilasters. In 2017, the residence was designated as significant to the Downtown and Eastside Historic District by the HDRB, and JC and Christy Butler, with the help of architect Lorn Tryk and Woods Construction, received approval to sensitively remodel and painstakingly restore the home and construct a garage.


Compatible New Construction Award
For outstanding examples of new construction that harmonizes with historic structures in historic districts.

Project:                 719 Gregory Lane

District:                 Don Gaspar Area Historic District

Recipients:           Luz Varela, designer; Jason Pike of Wow Wee LLC, investor; Jaime and Norma Beltran of TRP LLC, contractor

 In 2017, the HDRB approved the construction of a new 2,897 square foot residence on a vacant lot at 719 Gregory Lane. The residence was designed in Spanish-Pueblo Revival style and featured a one-car garage, rounded stuccoed massing, three portales, and simulated divide light aluminum clad windows.



Mayor's Award for Excellence in Preservation

                         Regis Pecos, Melissa Y. Mascarenas, Thomas Baca-Gutierrez, and Archbishop Jon C. Wester

City of Santa Fe - Historic Preservation Division Awards

          Architectural Preservation Award - non-residential

                         808 Canyon Road - El Farol

          Architectural Preservation Award - residential

                          501 and 503 Webber Street

          Compatible Remodel Award - non-residential

                          101 West Alameda Street - Del Charro

          Compatible Remodel Award - residential

                           827 East Alameda Street

          Compatible New Construction Award - residential

                          164 East Houghton Street 

          Sara Melton Award for Sensitive Rehabilitation

                                 345 Plaza Balentine

            Archaeology Award

                         Ron Winters   

            Service Award

                    Meghan Bayer HDRB Member

                    Edmund Boniface HDRB Member

                    William Powell HDRB Member

                    Tess Monahan ARC Member

                    Carl Boaz HDRB Stenographer

                    David Rasch Historic Preservation Division 



City of Santa Fe - Historic Preservation Division Awards

          Architectural Preservation Award

                    1150 Canyon Road (Manderfield)

          Compatible Remodel Award

                     355 East Palace Road (Hinojos House)

          Compatible New Construction Award

                    600 Camino del Monte Sol

          Sara Melton Award:

                    912 Canyon Road

          Cultural Preservation Award:

                    Somos Un Pueblo Unido

           Archaeology Award

                    Bill Huey

                   City of Santa Fe Water Division




City of Santa Fe - Historic Preservation Division Awards

          Compatible New Construction Award

                    1219 Cerro Gordo Road

          Compatible Remodel Award

                     106 Victoria Street

          Architectural Preservation Award

                    707 Agua Fria Street

           Archaeology Award

                    Alysia Abbott, Abboteck Inc.

           Service Award

                     Gary Funkhouser, Archaeological Review Committee

Mayor's Award for Excellence in Preservation

               Tourism Santa Fe, 2017 Sense of Place, World Legacy Awards, National Geographic Society


2016 award winners

City of Santa Fe - Historic Preservation Division Awards

Compatible Remodel Award - Residential:

526 Calle Corvo

Compatible Remodel Award - Non-Residential:

328 Galisteo Street

Architectural Preservation Award: 

461 Acequia Madre

628 East Palace Avenue

Compatible New Construction Award - Non-Residential:

               Acequia Madre Elementary School, 700 Acequia Madre and Global Warming Express

 Compatible New Construction Award - Residential:               

918-C Acequia Madre

     Archaeology Award:

               New Mexico Museum of Art and the Office of Archaeological Studies

               Ron Winters

Service Award:

Sharon Woods HDRB Chair

Christine Mather HDRB Member

Bonifacio 'Boni' Armijo HDRB Member

        Cultural Preservation Award:

Maurice M. Dixon, Jr. author of

The Artistic Odyssey of Higinio V. Gonzales: A Tinsmith and Poet in Territorial New Mexico

Mayor's Award for Excellence in Preservation

               Old Santa Fe Association 90th Anniversary 1926-2016


2015 award winners

City of Santa Fe - Historic Preservation Division Awards

     Sensitive Remodel Award:

109 North Armijo Lane

    Compatible New Construction Award:

                777 Acequia Madre

    Architectural Preservation Award: 

               1562 Canyon Road

    Cultural Preservation Award:

               Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian at 704 Camino Lejo

     Archaeology Award:

               Ron Winters

               Jessica Badner

Mayor's Award for Excellence in Preservation

               Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe at 828 Paseo de Peralta






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