Green Building Codes



Additions and Remodels

The Addition and Remodel Code requires either a Chapter 11 or Chapter 12 checklist depending on the scope of work of the project.  This Green Code Applicability Chart helps determine which chapter applies.

For projects which must comply with Chapter 11 please complete the Green Code Chapter 11 Checklist Worksheet and submit printed copies along with your building permit application.  Here is the information for the mechanical ventilation required in item 11.902.2.1.

For projects which must comply with Green Code Chapter 12 Checklist, you must comply with all of the items on the list that pertain to your project.  Print this chapter and initial next to the items that apply to your project and submit with your building permit application.


New Construction

The Residential Green Building Code for new single-family, attached and detached, including guest houses requires a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index and a WERS (Water Efficiency Rating Score) rating completed by City-approved HERS and WERS raters.  The HERS and WERS must be performed by professionals that have received training regarding the requirements of this code and are on a list of City-approved HERS and WERS raters.

Reports listed below must be attached to each plan set AND provided by e-mail to: [bot protected email address]

o   Home Energy Rating Certificate (HERC) showing an index of 60 or less; and

o   2018 IECC Building UA Compliance Report showing "as designed" lower than the "2018 IECC" levels; and

o   Air Leakage Report to show compliance with the "ASHRAE 62.2-2010" Ventilation Rate (CFM); and

o   WERS Preliminary Rating Report (2 pages which say "Not Final" at the bottom) showing an score of 70 or less. (Email all pages)

The following must be emailed but does not need to be attached to the plan set:

o   Professional Heating and cooling system sizing calculations (ACCA Manual S and J (long form) or other such as Energy 10 for passive solar homes or passive house calculations).  Also ACCA Manual D if the project has duct work for heating and cooling. 

Please note that your plan set will be compared to the inputs into these documents and they must match.

To Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy at the End of Construction:

o   The HERS rater must submit via email to [bot protected email address] the same documents submitted for the application, but marked "final" and also the "Source Energy and Emissions Report".

o   The WERS rater must submit via email to [bot protected email address] the final WERS spreadsheet (either the spreadsheet or PDFs of all tabs).

o   The builder or homeowner must have a Homeowner's Manual on the site at the time of the Green Building Final inspection.  The Homeowner's Manual must include the information included in the Santa Fe Homeowner's Manual Template that is current at the time of the final inspection AND must also include a diagram of where the shut-offs are located for all major utilities.


State Tax Credits

NM State Sustainable Building Tax Credit is available for buildings that qualify. If you are interested in this tax credit, ask your HERS professional for advice.



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