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Solarize Santa Fe

GO SOLAR NOW! Solarize Santa Fe is now open for 2021. (Click to jump to application)

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Solarize Santa Fe is a solar energy bulk purchasing program designed to help Santa Feans save money on their energy bills. Think of it as buying at wholesale prices – the more people who sign up, the more everyone saves on the cost of solar power – together. The City of Santa Fe launched Solarize Santa Fe to make sure the process of installing solar as easy and affordable as possible. The City and its partners carefully selected a featured solar installer through an RFP process that will offer discounted prices for this program. The team also encouraged local credit unions to create solar loans with lower interest rates (applicants are free to utilize their lender of choice; loans are direct from institution to borrower). As a result, most participants in Solarize Santa Fe will see immediate energy savings with no up-front cost. Any homeowner within Santa Fe city limits is eligible to participate in Solarize Santa Fe. This program is not available to renters or commercial properties.

Think of [Solarize Santa Fe] as buying at wholesale prices – the more people who sign up, the more everyone saves on the cost of solar power – together.

Why Sign up for Solarize Santa Fe?

  • Immediate savings
  • No upfront cost
  • Replace your electricity bill with your solar payment
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Trusted solar installer vetted by the City of Santa Fe, the Sierra Club, and the Coalition of Sustainable Communities – New Mexico
  • Any homeowner can participate regardless of income
  • Lending options with low interest rates for any credit score

Solarize Santa Fe is brought to you by the City of Santa Fe Environmental Services Division, the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter, and the Coalition of Sustainable Communities – New Mexico with the support of Santa Fe Public Schools.

Meet the Solarize Santa Fe featured installer:

Sol Luna Solar has deep roots in Santa Fe and the surrounding area. Their company, the people who work for them, and their legacy are deeply engrained in the local economy. Their commitment to customers means they deliver on a promise to provide high value solutions to energy consumption demand while keeping their prices affordable and consistent with their model of success.


Questions? Contact Neal Denton, Sustainability Officer, at [bot protected email address] / (505) 955-2229.




Solarice Santa Fe

Solarice Santa Fe es una iniciativa de energía solar de compra comunitaria, diseñada para ayudar a las personas a ahorrar dinero en sus facturas de electricidad. Piense en ello como comprar energía solar a precios a mayoreo: cuantas más personas se inscriban, más ahorran todos en el costo de la energía solar.

¿Por qué inscribirse en Solarice Santa Fe?

  • Reemplazar su factura de electricidad con su pago solar
  • Ahorro inmediato
  • Sin costo inicial
  • Reducción de carbono
  • Instalador solar de confianza inspeccionado por el Club Sierra, la Ciudad de Santa Fe y otros socios
  • Cualquier propietario puede participar independientemente de sus ingresos
  • Opciones de préstamo con tasas de interés bajas para cualquier puntaje de crédito

Solarice Santa Fe es un programa de la División de Servicios Ambientales de la Ciudad de Santa Fe con el apoyo de las Escuelas Públicas de Santa Fe, el Club Sierra – Capítulo de Río Grande, la Coalición de Comunidades Sostenibles – NM y PNM. Este programa está disponible solo para residentes de la Ciudad de Santa Fe.




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