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More Information on Business Licensing


New businesses will need the following before submitting an application for a new City of Santa Fe business license:

Certificate of Occupancy

CRS Number

Federal EIN number (if you'll have employees)

Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

Before you begin, please ensure that you have all your required state permits (if necessary) before you complete the Commercial Certificate of Occupancy Application. For example, if you are a restaurant you must have your food establishment permit issued by the NM Environment Department before you submit your CO application. 

Commercial Certificate of Occupancy Application
The Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is approved and reviewed by the Inspections and Enforcement Division of the Land Use Department. Please print and submit your completed CO application to the Inspections and Enforcement Division, located in the basement of City Hall (200 Lincoln Avenue). 

Your application will be reviewed to ensure the location is properly zoned. A building inspection may also be required, in which case the Inspections and Enforcement Division will schedule an inspection.  

Certificate of Compliance & Inspections

You must also obtain a fire inspection from the Fire Marshall. Once you submit your Commercial Certificate of Occupancy application,  Once the application is completed and processed a member from our inspections team will contact you to schedule the inspection. Fees are determined by square footage: 

*  Up to 3,000 square feet              $75.00
* 3,001 to 6,000 square feet          $150.00
*  6,001 to 9,000 square feet         $200.00
* 9,001 to 12,000 square feet        $250.00
*  12,001 square feet or more        $300.00

Please ensure that your business is set-up and is ready to operate before scheduling a fire inspection. For example, if you own a retail business, the fixtures, furniture and egress signs should be in place before you contact the Fire Marshall’s office. The Fire Marshall will provide more information when you schedule your fire inspection. 

The fire inspector will provide you with a copy of the completed fire inspection to bring to the Land Use Inspections & Enforcement Office in City Hall to obtain a Certificate of Compliance to submit with your business registration application. 

CRS Number

Before you complete your business registration application, you'll need a CRS Number (New Mexico Business Tax Identification Number) from the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue Office, located at the Manuel Lujan Building at 1100 S. St. Francis Drive in Santa Fe, or online state.nm.ugoos/tax. 

You can also go to any New Mexico Taxation and Revenue field office, or come to Santa Fe City Hall at 200 Lincoln Avenue to complete a CRS application and receive your CRS number.

Federal EIN Number

To receive a Federal Employee identification Number, required for all employers, contact the Internal Revenue Service or visit for an application. You can also visit the IRS Santa Fe field office at 2945 Rodeo Park Drive East, Santa Fe.

Business Registration Application

The final step in obtaining your business license is to complete and submit the business registration application. The initial and annual fee for registering your business with the City of Santa Fe is $35.00.

Depending on the type of business you're registering, you'll receive more information on how to complete your application, including payment information and any additional licensing or permitting requirements, within 5-7 business days. 

The process of your Business License may take 7-10 days however, if this is a new application it may take longer. We are no longer accepting walk-ins at City Hall without an appointment. If you feel you need to speak to someone within our office please contact us first to make an appointment with one of our staff. We require anyone who has an in person appointment to wear a mask for your safety and ours and you may be required to sign in


A home-based business license is issued to businesses who are conducting business operations from their residence. A home based business cannot occupy more than 25% of the square footage of the residence or of all of the buildings located at the residence. 

Like commercial licenses, home-based businesses require a certificate of occupancy (CO). 

There are two types home based business Certificate of Occupancy applications:

1) A home-based business with no on-site clientele or employees, and
2) A home-based businesses with on-site clientele or employees 

Home-based Certificate of Occupancy with no on-site clientele or employees

 Complete the highlighted areas on the Certificate of Occupancy Application. Then gathering the following materials:

1.  Letter of Application. The letter of application should describe the kind of home based business and the function. You may download  the following example: Letter of Application.
2.  Sketch of floor plan. The floor plan should depict the interior of the residence or outside buildings. The plan should indicate the location of the home based business office and its square footage.
3.  Location Map (You can get this from Google Maps/Earth). The location or vicinity map will identify the property location. This map can also be located in the phone book or Horton map book.

Please submit your completed Certificate of Occupancy application with the above materials to the Inspections and Enforcement Division located in the basement of City Hall at 200 Lincoln Avenue. A home-based business with no on-site clientele or employees does not usually require a fire inspection or a building inspection. The Inspections and Enforcement Division will advise you further upon review of your application.

Home-based Certificate of Occupancy with on-site clientele and/or employees.

For home-based businesses with on-site clientele and/or employees, please follow the steps above for your Certificate of Occupancy, with the addition of: 

4. Notice of application. A notice of your application must be sent to all residences and/or property owners within 150 feet of your residence and to nearby neighborhood associations.  (Please see Additional Information in the application for the requirement for sending out the notice of application).  A copy of the notice along with copies of the return receipts must be submitted with the application.
5. Parking spaces. The number of parking spaces will be determined by the type of business and number of employees and clientele.
6. Any ADA requirements.

Please submit your completed Certificate of Occupancy application with the above materials to the Inspections and Enforcement Division located in the basement of City Hall at 200 Lincoln Avenue. 

After you submit your Certificate of Occupancy application and materials, you'll need to schedule a fire inspection with the Fire Marshall (505-955-3310). The cost for a fire inspection for a home-based business is $25.00. The fire inspector will provide you a copy of the completed fire inspection to submit with your business registration/licensing application. The initial and annual fee for business registrations/licenses is $35.00.


To apply for an Itinerant Vendors License, you MUST have the following in order to be issued a Certificate of Occupancy:

  • A letter of permission that includes:
  • Dates and times of operation
  • Permission for sanitary facility use; if not the event space needs to have a permit or permission certificate
  • A site plan, showing location of said vendor

Itinerant Vendor License Applications are below (click on the appropriate license application):


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