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General Eligibility


General Eligibility

The following are general eligibility guidelines for all Cultural Investment categories. However, please be advised that some categories have additional and/or more restrictive requirements. Organizations considering applying for funding are encouraged to contact the Arts Commission at (505) 955-6707 prior to submitting an application.  We are available to help ensure that both an organization and a project are eligible for funding, as well as to provide guidance regarding in which funding program to apply.


Organizational Eligibility

Potential applicants should carefully review the follow requirements to determine their eligibility:

  • With rare exception, only Santa Fe-based organizations will be funded.
  • Generally, only organizations whose mission includes the arts will be funded.
  • Projects must take place in the northern portion of Santa Fe county (i.e. Madrid/ Galisteo to northern boundary of county)
  • Organizations must be a federally recognized nonprofit with an IRS 501(c)3 status; a public agency (as defined in NMSA Section 11-1-1 or any county, state or education institution specified in Article 12, Section 11 of the NM Constitution.); or apply through a fiscal agent.  (See “Using a Fiscal Agent” below.)
  • Organizations must have a State of New Mexico Incorporation Certificate as a domestic or foreign nonprofit corporation and be in good standing with the State.
  • Organizations must have a current City of Santa Fe business registration number.
  • City of Santa Fe-operated programs are not eligible.
  • Except for the Collaborative Arts Marketing Program, organizations may only be funded in one category a year.

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An organization that does not have its nonprofit status and/or NM Incorporation Certificate may apply through a fiscal agent, provided the fiscal agent meets all the eligibility requirements and is based in New Mexico.  he fiscal agent becomes legally responsible for the completion of the project, submission of all reports, as well as receipt and proper management of Arts Commission funds. The fiscal agent must be based in New Mexico.

The fiscal agent’s role is strictly administrative; it is not a partner or collaborator in the programmatic or artistic content of the project. The donation of goods or services by the fiscal agent (such as in-kind space rental or administrative services) may be included as part of the applicant/fiscal agent relationship. In instances where the relationship between applicant and fiscal agent extends beyond these parameters, the eligible organization must submit the application for funding under its own name.


Project Eligibility

The intent of the Arts Commission’s funding is to support the presentation of artistic content to the general public.  We do not provide general operating funds or funding to support ancillary, non-arts-based programs. Examples of public presentations include performances, productions, exhibitions, art markets, fairs and festivals (i.e. indoor or outdoor community celebrations of the arts), and workshops or conferences. All public presentations must be open and accessible to the general public.

The Arts Commission cannot fund certain projects and project elements.  These include:

  • Demonstration and master classes
  • Scholarships and fellowships
  • Closed subscription series
  • Projects which are part of a post-secondary academic degree program
  • Awards (ribbons, trophies, prizes, etc.)
  • Deficits and debt reduction (including finance charges, loan fees, etc.)
  • Meals, catering, lodging or transportation
  • Capital expenses (including the purchase of equipment or real property, labor or materials costs for renovations, remodeling or new construction, etc.)
  • Tuition assistance for college, university or other post-secondary formal course work
  • Fund-raising (events, personnel, merchandise, invitations, etc.)

In many instances, the larger project budget or organizational budget may include some of these elements; however, Arts Commission funds cannot be applied toward these costs.

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Contact Information and Hours

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Mailing Address: PO Box 909, Santa Fe, NM 87504-0909

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Ph: (505) 955-6707

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8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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