Control Fireplace and Fuel-Burning Appliance Pollution

Control Fireplace and Fuel-Burning Appliance Pollution

Don’t install fireplaces or fuel-burning appliances or:

                Equipped with gasketed doors

                Factory-built wood-burning fireplaces are in accordance with UL 127 and EPA certified

Wood stoves and fireplace inserts are in accordance with UL 1482 and EPA emission certification requirements and State of Washington WAC 173-433-100(3)

Pellet stoves and furnaces are in accordance with ASTM E 1509 or are EPA certified.

Masonry heaters are in accordance with SETM E1602 and ICC IBC Section 2112.1


Direct vent sealed combustion gas fireplaces, or sealed wood burning fireplaces, and sealed woodstoves minimize the risk of smoke and combustion by-products backdrafting into the home. Outdoor air is also supplied directly to the combustion chamber so that indoor air is not required for combustion.

Additional Information/How to Implement

Fireplaces typically come in:

  • Wood burning (uses room air for combustion, and exhausts up a chimney)
  • Vented gas (uses room air for combustion, exhausts through vent or chimney),
  • Direct vent gas (a.k.a., “sealed combustion,” outdoor combustion air provided directly to sealed combustion chamber,, exhausts through vent or chimney ), or
  • Vent free gas (uses room air for combustion, and exhausts to room).

 When installing a wood burning stove or fireplace, make sure it is sealed with a gasketed door. Recognize that a wood-burning fireplace is only about 10 to 30 efficient. Consider specifying an EPA-certified wood stove which have efficiencies of around 69 to 78 percent. EPA-certified woodstoves and gas appliances minimize outdoor air pollution.

Direct vent fireplaces (a.k.a., sealed combustion) are more energy efficient than wood fireplaces and atmospherically-vented gas fireplaces. They use outside air for combustion and exhaust directly to the outside. Like vented gas fireplaces, they typically use a heat exchanger to circulate warm air through the room but keep combustion air separate from room air.


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